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Wondali - Chapter 2: Shadows of the Past

October 17, 2020


    The bright glare of the sun in his face woke Erdalei up from his deep slumber. He heard a loud thumping noise on the front door. For a second he thought the ogre had come back. He took his walking stick and cautiously opened the door, making it creak on it's hinges. He held up the stick and then pulled the door open, making the doorknob hit the wall, chipping the paint.
    Erala almost stumbled headfirst onto the floor. The stranger used his stick to catch his fall, however. "I can see you're the cautious type," he growled.
  Erdalei looked up at the sun. It had barely risen. "What are you doing here so early?"
  "I've been knocking on your door for half an hour, you blundering fool! We're two hours behind schedule, thanks to you and your friend. We have to hit the road in ten minutes if we want to make any progress at all."
    Landari approached them. "There you are, Erdalei! It's well past sunrise!" 
    Erdalei groaned. "You too?"
    Landari looked frustrated. "You're the one who volunteered for this!"
    "You didn't have to volunteer! I never asked you too!" Erdalei shot back.
    "SILENCE!" Erala shouted, his voice booming like thunder. "You impertinent fools! We have no time for dilly-dallying. We are already an hour behind schedule! Argue when we get to town, where you can argue in some old abandoned alleyway. Pack up your stuff! We head off as soon as possible!"
    Erdalei and Landari glared at Erala as the stranger walked away. Who is that man, who acts so confidently that he holds a position of high power? I swear, if I weren't after the heirloom, I would strangle him! 


     As Erdalei and Landari began packing their items, Landari said, "Erdalei, why DID you volunteer in the first place?"   
Erdalei suddenly stopped, gazing blankly at the sky.
    Erdalei snapped out of his trance. He sighed and noisily tied the not for his pack. He yanked on it one last time, and then reluctantly opened his mouth to speak. 
    "Landari, I have known you for 20 years. I know you well, and this village is my home. But there's a lot about me you don't know. For example, I never told you that I had a brother.
    "My brother, Randalei, and I were born in a small town by the Crystal river, it's waters shining brighter than the purest gold. It was a center of trade, where people from around the valley could live in harmony. That is, until my fifth birthday, when the ogres attacked.
    "It was a very peaceful day like any other. The sun was shining, not a cloud was in the sky, when we heard a deep rumbling sound. Everyone turned their heads and they saw a large horde of ogres storming towards the town. The soldiers tried to defend the civilians, but they were outnumbered immensely. My mother managed to escape and bring us to a small human village in the forest. We grew up there until our mother died.
    "My brother and I found a small chest searching among my mother's possessions after she died. Inside we found a letter written by our great-grandfather mentioning an old family heirloom, a cloak that when you wore it, could be far stronger than steel armor, and that could deflect arrows and make you soar high in the sky, and so many other things that not even our great-grandfather knew the full potential of the cloak! The letter included a detailed map of where he had hidden the cloak.
    "My brother was enthralled by the description of this cloak and immediately decided that he wanted to find it. I protested, but he said, 'Erdalei, we could defend the whole valley with this cloak! No one would ever have to go through what we did ever again!' That convinced me. So we set off on our journey.
    "We walked hundreds of miles across the valley, having many adventures along the way. All was well until we ran into an ogre raider campsite. My brother didn't make it past the guard. The ogre struck him down so fast, I never saw it coming. We managed to escape, but it was too late for my brother. As he died in my arms, asked me to continue the search for the cloak. I promised I would. I buried my brother near a small creek and continued on, hoping to find a village.
     "The next day, I spotted this village and decided to take refuge. The ogre horde that attacked, well that was probably the same horde. The elders magic is quite powerful. I was stunned how they were able to defeat the ogres so fast. I realized that this village could protect me. So I stayed. I never wanted to travel again.
    "When the old man asked for a volunteer to come with him, I stood up because I knew that I needed to fulfill my promise. I need to finish the journey. Based on the route Erala wants us to travel, the cloak should be just past our destination. I plan to continue on after we complete our journey."
    Landari looked stunned. "I-I never knew."
    "It's okay," Erdalei reassured him. "I should've told you."
    Suddenly, the door swung open and Erala stepped in. "It's time to go," he said. 
    Erdalei and Landari packed up their bags and slowly walked out the door.
This second chapter is basically just backstory, so sorry if it's confusing. Important notice: I plan to publish this series two or three times a week instead of every other Saturday. I will try to update everyone when the next chapter comes out.
Just in case you missed the first chapter, here's the link below:


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