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October 16, 2020

The world divided is never a good thing, but sometimes these arguments are needed. In this case I'm referring to a topic that directly affects about fifty percent of the planet. Something that the other fifty percent has gotten used to making opinions about. Something that will directly affect the future generations of humanity.

I'm referring to the legality of abortions.

I'm a female, feminist, pro-choice democrat, and I know many people are strongly against my views on this matter. I know this is a touchy subject for most of the world. But I believe this needs to be said, and I'm willing to discuss something I believe in.

The main argument that the pro-life movement is making is that abortions are killing babies, that these poor, helpless children die in agony before their even born. The plain truth is that that's just not true. The fetus cannot feel pain while it's inside the mother. A child is not considered a living thing until it takes it's fist breath, after the mother gives birth to it. Up until that point the child is still connected to and completely reliant on the mother, and can therefor not be considered a living, breathing organism.

In addition to that, most legal abortions today are only viable before the 20 week mark. This is because twenty weeks is the half way point through the pregnancy. At this point the fetus has actually formed into a child-like shape, with legs and arms and a head. The fetus is about the size of a banana, and the mother is clearly showing now. Now, I completely support this idea that the pregnancy has to be preformed before 20 weeks. It's fair, as long as the . But the issue is, some women aren't able to do make it on time. Women who don't know they're pregnant from the beginning may not realize until they start to show, which could be anywhere from 12-16 weeks in. Then the mother may not be in a financial state to go to the doctor, and I've even heard a story where a women needed an abortion, but the only clinic was miles from her home, and she couldn't make the journey. 

Another statement I hear that always makes me roll my eyes: "If she didn't want to get pregnant, why didn't she use birth control?"
The reality is that not everyone can just get birth control. There's the issue of money, health care and insurance, but it's more than that. Teenagers under the age of 18 are not allowed to get a prescription without their parent or guardian approving the perchance, and I imagine that's like going up to your mom and directly asking her for birth control. Therefor most teenagers just don't use it, and end up in a situation the law doesn't allow them to correct. 

And now, the ultimate topic: rape.
In the US, one out of every five women has experienced either completed or attempted rape in their lifetime. That's about 18%.  Another reality check: about 2% of men are raped. Strange to think about, right? But even so, no one should be commenting on a rape victim as though they're a statistic. And, if we continue on that train of logic, then a group of people shouldn't be making the decision of whether women can control their own bodies or not.
I want you to try and imagine it for a minute: your a teenage girl who's done nothing wrong, you're just minding your own business, and suddenly you're attacked. Weeks later, you find out that you're pregnant, and there's no way you can go back to your old, stable life. You're now forced to continue this pregnancy, ruin your body, your life, and finally you have this baby, and you're either forced to give it up for adoption, or you have to ruin your chance at a future of your choice by keeping it and becoming a mother. All because of a man who wanted to feel in control.

I am fortunate to have never been put in a situation where I actually need to consider an abortion for myself or anyone I know. You may be wondering why I feel so strongly about this, since it doesn't yet concern me. The truth is that I'm barely a teenager, and I've been harassed, catcalled, mansplained and forced to endure countless other patronizing acts. I know that one day, I'll have to walk home alone. The question is, will I make it?
The true meaning of "my body my choice" is not to murder children, or to try and take power. It's for the women who suffer without a say, the women who are forced to act like someone they're not ready to be. "My body my choice" means women taking charge of their own lives, and not letting anyone, man or woman, tell her what to do with her own body. Women have had a rough time ever since the first flame of humanity sputtered to life. Man shaped us to be the caregivers of the human race, the people tasked with bringing about the next generation. Now if that's our natural job as animals, and you're taking away the rights we have over the assignment, then what rights do we really have?

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  • mirkat

    I think this is a very powerful speech, especially with all the numbers/statistics and your personal connection. Your starting is great, too. One thing you can improve on is maybe tying in your personal connection a bit sooner. Maybe just a little preview of it in the first/second paragraph? This will make the impact stronger. Also, you can add some more examples in your personal connection about how that made you feel. Just a few thoughts, but otherwise very strong writing!

    10 days ago