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Dear Me

By: ~madeline~


Dear me.
Don't cast away your days.
Don't send them flying in the wind. 

Dear me.
When life becomes a maze.
I promise you that you aren't blind. 

Dear me.
Each moment should be upraised.
For each is special in my mind.

Dear me.
And even when all is ablaze.
Remember that it still aligns.

Dear me.
Live life to bring him praise.
For you are his unique design.

Dear me.
And each moment I am amazed.
By the beauty of mankind. 

I saw a prompt where you write to your former self and this is what came out... I kinda don't like it but i'm posting anyway. XD

Peer Review

I liked how every line ended with a period, allowing each line to be separate from the others. This made each line sing uniquely. I also just noticed the rhyme scheme, which surprised me. That was a neat aspect to add.

I'd like to know more! I know poems must end, and the beauty is in the brevity, but it's so rich that I'd love to see this idea expanded or continued in a Part II.

Reviewer Comments

Again, I'd love to see this as a series, perhaps progressing as you age? Maybe a series of poems that slowly close the gap between the "me" in the poem to present-day. It would be interesting to see a "Dear Me" poem written to your past self six-eight months ago, whenever COVID-19 was impacting you the most. (My prayers and hope for you in this matter. I'm sorry if this is a sensitive topic for you; I intend no offense.)