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My campaign speech to be the world's future president

By: SunV

Before I start, let me answer the one question I know all of you would have; why exactly am I writing a campaign speech for a position that doesn't even exist, and if it did, I am twenty-one years too young to run for? Well, let's see.

How do I qualify for this position? To be specific, am I a competent leader? Am I smart enough? Do I even know the meaning of politics? I am not the person someone would go to to ask for the latest news. My ten year old brother is more interested in the news, because I just find it depressing. So, instead, I filter the news through my Mom and Dad. I don't watch CNN, I don't watch Times Now. I read Times NIE Kids, and that's the most unfiltered news I read. 

I've run in three student council elections and out of those three, I've won one. The only other time I've been in the student council was when my teachers chose the council. Clearly, I'm not the most popular girl. I'm the kind of girl who brings a book to school and reads in between classes. I'm the kind of girl who quickly eats her lunch and goes back to her class. 

Talking about classes brings me to my academics and extracurriculars. Don't get me wrong, I'm a pretty good student. Straight A's, with my second language being my hardest subject, and Math and English being the easiest. I've never failed a class, I take up a lot of extracurriculars, like music and sports, and I have never bunked a class. So, summing it up, I'm not a bad student.

But all this doesn't make me special in any way. At the end of the day, I'm still your average fourteen year old girl. I am not Greta Thunberg' I did not make people listen to my words for change. I am not Grace Vanderwaal; I did not release a full length album at the age of thirteen. I'm not even one of my really good friends, who's been to basketball at a national level. I'm a fourteen year old girl, who's trying to run for the world's future president.

But that one thing, that fact that I'm fourteen years old, is why I deserve to be standing here. Because I'm fourteen years old, living as a normal citizen in a normal city. I go to any other school, not Harvard or Trinity College London, or even the Indian Institute of Technology. I go to a normal violin class, I do not learn from Hilary Hahn. I do not learn basketball from Stephen Curry. I'm a fourteen year old civilian, and that one statement gives me more of a right to stand here than anyone else.

I'm fourteen, and I cannot stress this fact more. I have first handedly seen how, at the same time, the world can be both heaven and hell. I have seen how some people work hard their whole lives but don't make it anywhere. On the other hand, others just seem to have the knack for something, and don't even need to work to go places. I am fourteen, and I have seen it all.

I have seen people living on the streets, and I have seen how they were shunned when Ivanka Trump visited Hyderabad. I saw how they were thrown into shelters, so that the city could look good. If we had the money to provide them with a roof over their head, to protect them from the world's harsh punishments, why didn't we do it sooner? Why didn't we help them sooner?

I have seen the way everyone looks down on you if you are not pretty or smart enough. I know what it feels like to be left out of your friends circle, just because you don't have an Instagram account. I know what it feels like to not feel good enough, I don't want anyone else to feel like that, ever.

I've witnessed the aftermaths of bombings, of terrorist attacks, of violence in general. My school shut down for a few days last year because of the street fights going on, and the worry that they would harm innocent children. I don't want anyone else to be afraid of walking down the street.

I know that because I am fourteen, I have the perfect understanding of these issues and so many other issues, not because I read about them, not because it was my job to solve them, but because I've lived them.

I am fourteen, and living in the midst of a pandemic. I live in an apartment complex, where the building next door is a quarantine site. Where the tall tower I can see from my window was once abandoned, but is now a hospital for COVID patients. My life has been turned upside down because of such a tiny virus that can cause so much destruction, and I don't want this to happen again. I don't want those tiny babies who were born just yesterday, to grow up in a world where you had to cover your face with a literal mask before stepping out of the house.

I don't stand here today just for myself. I don't stand here today to share my views. I stand here today to share the views of 1.2 billion teenagers, I stand here to share the views of all the 2 billion kids walking this earth today. I stand here to ask you to listen. To ask you to understand every side of the story, because it doesn't mean that my views don't matter if I don't hold a drivers license in my hand. In fact, being young isn't my greatest liability, it's my greatest strength.

Word count: 964

Message to Readers

Draft 3! Comments and reviews appreciated!

Peer Review

You're fourteen. And you're an amazing writer! This speech made me clap [literally] and I can't help but say, this is one of the best competition entries to date I've ever read. It's inspiring, it's hilarious, and it has a flavor all its own that only a good piece of writing can provide. I'm in awe of this speech. I would totally recommend you recording an audio of this speech because I-AM-WOWED.

The issue is unique in itself and highlights why a fourteen-year-old deserves to be president. And the reasons are something I've never thought of before. I'm thirteen myself, and my thinking process isn't this creative. The issue is new in itself, let alone seeing it in a whole new light.

The thing is, you've sort of highlighted why ANY fourteen-year-old could be president. If this thing's a campaign speech, it would need more convincing on the 'why YOU should be president' part. I mean, I'm not hinting at you self-centering yourself in this speech, but what I'm saying is, people need a reason why YOU ALONE should be president, right? Feel free to disagree with me. I'm voting for you anyways because this is a speech only a future president could deliver:)

You are an awesome writer [and fourteen-year-old], so keep writing. I can only say that I wish you the best of luck for this competition, and I think this is a potential winner. Wishing you the best of luck [again], and I've also highlighted a few errors, mostly grammatical if you would like to check them out. Not that it really matters, I guess, because this is a speech, not a novel.

Reviewer Comments

You go, fourteen-year-old girl:) keep being the wonderful writer you are!