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Sometimes I tell stories. Most of the time I rattle my soul until I break and my heart spills out onto the page.

"I cannot jump the distance. You'll have to toss me!"--Gimli, LOTR

I am a complete nerd. I got the Ring of Power for my birthday.

Book recommendations:
The Oath--Frank E. Peretti
Lord of the Rings--J.R.R. Tolkien

Song recommendation: "Awake" by Beckah Shae

I'm going to meet the King someday!
And I'm super pumped!


October 4, 2020


they paint lamb’s blood on doorframes
a sacrifice for the sake of the people
so they might be spared the death of
the firstborn sons egypt wails but israel
sleeps untouched one thousand five
hundred years later israel cries out
all jerusalem rages and this is the night
of the passover when the lamb is
bloodied and sacrificed for the sake
of the people the people both jews and
gentiles tonight they assail the spotless
lamb in a garden and trade him for
the robber call it better that one man
should perish instead of the whole
nation how true and tonight this lamb’s
blood cleanses every tribe and
language and nation tonight the lamb
dies and his chosen people are spared
they trade the lamb for the robber...


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