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Hi everyone!!

Starting to publish pieces of my first novel :D Here's the link to check out the first chapter!!

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A World of Our Own -- Chapter 1

October 4, 2020


Almost there. Yet, I could never reach it. I could never figure out why I couldn’t. It made perfect sense. I saw a hand, reaching out from the swirling shadows. Something without name pierced my very soul. It was like curiosity, but much more powerful. No, it wasn’t curiosity: it was longing. I yearned for it, like some part of me was missing, unretrievable until fingertips met the other in an unbreakable grasp. I could almost reach it. Almost…
                ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
     I was awake, and not happy about it in the least. With subsistent grumbles, I unraveled the sheets and dragged myself out of bed. Morning had arrived, whether I wanted it to or not. My feet retaliated at the cold floorboards, my eyes blinking annoyedly at the light streaming through the faded curtains. 
    Loud thumping and muffled shriek sounded from below. Downstairs, it seemed as though Annabel and Arthur, the twins, were arguing over a painted wooden horse that Father had bought for them. I rolled my eyes, running my fingers through the tangles of my honey-colored hair.
Father should’ve known better--the twins never liked sharing. Maybe giving them each their own would solve the problem. Unlikely. They’d still argue over that too. I smiled at this thought. It must simply always end in tears.
I smoothed down the bothersome wrinkles on my nightgown, tucking an unruly curl behind my ear. I tiptoed down the short staircase, trying my best not to disturb little Mae. Mae was the sweet, youngest child in the Blakely family, who won the hearts and attention of everyone she knew.
    Father was in a not favorable mood. The furrowed brow, the unbuttoned morning coat, and the rather hard flick of the wrists to the newspaper he clenched said more than words would ever tell. Though, he wasn’t always like this. Most days, he was in the gentlest disposition. If everyone behaved themselves, maybe he would try to be more cordial. The twins--rightly, if I say so myself--blamed it on mornings. “Mornings are bad because you have to get up, and when you have to get up you’re awfully tired and cross,” they’d tell me.
    Mother, on the other hand, was the very picture of grace and elegance. Her golden hair shimmered in the sunlight, a starking contrast to her jade eyes. I held back a smile. They were the very reflection of mine. Even the individual specks of auburn swimming in the pools of green were identical. Her radiant smile brightened her rosy cheeks, complementing the delicate pink dress she wore. Mother beamed at me as I entered the dining room. 
    “Good morning Mother,” I sat down in my seat, then reluctantly turned to Father, “And you, Father.”
    “Mmm.” His eyes did not stray from his morning paper. He shook his head as he scanned the latest news and continued his meandering mutterings. “All this nonsense with Parliament...rubbish…”
    The twins burst in the room, oblivious to all manners. The once peaceful atmosphere was filled with whining and a thousand, “But he...I didn’t...she took, that didn’t even happen--”
    Mother, Arthur, Annabel, and I whipped our heads around to the source of the outburst.
    Father’s contorted face was flushed, and sweat glistened on his forehead. A few ruffled ash-brown strands stuck out like bits of straw and made him look boyish. The once unwrinkled newspaper was flung across the walnut table, and a few distinct beads of coffee lined the edge of the napkin that once was placed neatly next to the silverware. Mother adamantly disapproved of this sort of behavior, but was not in the least surprised.
    Father rose from the table. “I...I’m…”
    Without another word, he abruptly left the dining room. I knew there had been some business in London that had preoccupied much of Father’s thoughts.The stress was simply getting too much for him. Even the doctor’s suggestion to go on summer holiday to ease his nerves did little. The children took it harder than Mother and I, since there was a certain grown-up aspect that they wouldn’t be able to understand. Annabel’s round eyes were misty, and Arthur’s brow was crumpled in childish confusion, and so this cloud of silence floated into the room and hung about like a fog. 
After a gentle clearing of the throat, Mother regained her composure almost effortlessly. 
    “Children,” she murmured. “Please sit down and finish your breakfast. We will discuss your behavior afterwards.”
    Thunk. The twins sat down without a word. As if just noticing the worry on the twins’ faces, Mother shortly added: “Your father is just tired. He’s not upset with you. He needs rest--”
    She glanced sharply at Annabelle and Arthur with the look all mother’s give to “encourage” obedience.
“--without any disturbances. Is that clear?”
    The twins nodded in unison.
    Resuming her previous poise, Mother shifted in her chair, letting a soft smile brush across her features as she passed the bread to Arthur. With that, we began eating our breakfast.
    “Well then. Aunt Gertrude will be here in a couple hours, so you have the rest of the day to yourselves.”
    Aunt Gertrude’s company was one to be avoided. She audibly disliked children, though she had two of them herself. I’m pretty sure both had never left the nursery once in their childhood. I pitied Mother: she would have to deal to the obvious displeasure and gossip of the old, sour woman. Mother said she was a difficult guest, and that was putting it politely. We would have to stay outdoors, lest our poor Aunt grow overwhelmed at the idea of being in the same room with such “disrespectful brats.”
    Glum faces all pouted in her direction.
    “But we have nothing to do,” Annabel grumbled, folding her arms. 
    Mother sighed, “Alright. You may go to the gardens today.”
    “Thank you Mother!” I said little above a “lady-like” voice.
It had been a long, boorish week waiting for the weather to clear so we could go to the gardens again.
    “As long as you bring your brother and sister with you. And if you promise that you won’t let them out of your--.”
Her words were of no use--the dining room was empty.
We clambered up the carpeted stairs, rushing to finish getting properly dressed. In the middle of our pathway stumbled a sleepy child rubbing her eyes clumsily with fists in bunched up rolls. She flopped them to her sides as she stared sleepily at the three of us. Her half-closed eyes were a wonderful shade of jade. Like mine. Mother always said she would look just like me when she grew up.
    “Ann!” Arthur grumbled at his sister. “You woke Mae!”
    Annabel gasped horrifically, “I did not!”
    “You're such a baby,” said Arthur.
    “Just stop it!” I burst. “Both of you.” I was beginning to grow weary of their insistent quarrels. I held my arms out for Mae and gently hoisted her to my side. 
    “Now...let’s go see Mother,” I whispered, promptly turning around. “And then, you can play with your wonderful toys…”
    Arthur threw his sister a smug glance before following me downstairs. Annabelle wrinkled her nose with an exuberant flair, flinging her curls to her shoulder as she stomped down after us. “I’m not a baby, Arthur!”
I was really excited to share this because this is the first chapter of a book I've written and ACTUALLY completed! However, I'll just do one chapter at a time since it's still going through all the draft stages and needing a few changes to the story line. Let me know if you want to be updated when the next chapters come out :)

Also not sure if I will keep the title above, so I would love title suggestions as you read the story more.


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  • Busssy.Beee

    YESSS AGREE WITH JAM!! i am in love with this!!

    3 months ago
  • Syzygy (#words) (J.A.M)

    Your writing is INSANE! It’s so beautifully crafted, and seems like you’ve paid attention to every little detail <3 I can’t believe I only JUST found this, like... it’s a gem!

    3 months ago
  • TwentyOneTimelords

    I LOVE your writing style!!! I feel like I know the characters very well, and the dialogue was really good! The fighting between the twins was especially well done--I have two little brothers, so I am very familiar with the squabbling :)

    I would love to be notified when the next chapters are published! First, I'm going to go read the other one you have already published...

    Also, it's so cool that you've finished a novel!! Any tips? I'm beginning the process right now with my own, and I really want to complete it.

    5 months ago
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    Wow! This is great! You did a really great job of introducing/explaining the characters through dialogue and action.

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    re: thank you :)

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  • Stone of Jade

    also...just fyi (it's confusing) but to reply to someone's comment you have to do it on one of their pieces. That way they see the notification/your reply

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  • Stone of Jade

    YOU FINISHED THIS!?! I remember reading this a long time ago!! I can't wait to read it in full!!

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Thanks! Yeah, it's uncomfortable, but it can be really rewarding. Like the other day, I felt compelled to have an acquaintance of mine tell his mom about a certain song, and apparently, it was super timely and helpful to her. I have more (crazier) stories, but that can be for another time.

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    This is wonderful! So glad to have discovered you :)

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    re: you're very welcome

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  • chasing sunsets

    Re: thank you!!

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  • queenie

    Aw, this piece seemed really sweet, and shows a plausible nuclear family dynamic. Although, I have a feeling things could happen that change this dynamic. I would love to be updated when you post new chapters-I'm invested now! I love the title by the way.

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