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i must be addicted if i am hallucinating coffee in the middle of night!

when its 1 am and visions of coffee dance in my head

December 15, 2020



Ultra cozy blanket?

Total writing mood?
100% check.


*smooth espionage music in the background*
Imaginary automated voice in my head - Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to prepare a caffeine-powered bomb in the middle of the night, without waking up the supreme authorities (my parents) and ensuring its consumption without raising suspicions. Good luck.
Me (confused as hell) - We don't have time for this, brain!!!!
My brain (speaking in my non-existent ear piece, because this is a spy movie and we gotta have an ear piece, people!) - Would it kill you to go along with it and for god's sake, whisper, you obnoxiously loud horn!!!!
Me (whispering now, thankfully) - Sorry!

I slowly open my bedroom door, my hands quivering on the knob. The door creaks so painfully, I bet my whole building heard it.
I freeze, eyes fixed on my parent's bedroom door.
*tantalizing heartbeat sounds in the background*

My brain (literally shouting in my ear) - ABORT MISSIONNN!!!!!! ABORT, ABORTTT!!!!
Me (through gritted teeth) - Shut. Up.

*after what felt like an eternity*

My brain - You are clear to go, no signs of movement detected. Honestly, can you be more careful? We would have been compromised for sure if not for me.
Me - Seriously? I was like so careful. It isn't my fault that the door creaked!
My brain - Sure sweetheart, you believe that. But like can you at least try to be even more careful? 
Me (making my way through the completely dark hallway towards the kitchen) - Fine whatever. What's the intel provided?
My brain - The mission seems easy enough really, except...
Me (panic level - 10) - Except what?!
My brain - Enemy movement detected in the zone, HOUSE LIZARD 90 degrees to your right!!!!
Me (panic level - 100000000, in the tiniest voice possible) - What do we do? What do we doooo???
My brain (annoyed) - Just move it along, you idiot. The lizard is like totally ignoring you. Just like all the guys in your school do.
My Brain - 1 Me - 0

After making sure that the lizard was nowhere within the 10 meter radius around me, I finally reached the kitchen counter.  

Me (victory dancing) - I did it!
My brain - Shouldn't you mean we did it?
Me (still victory dancing) - Um, you don't really matter to anyone you know.
My brain - Oh yeah, sure, let's celebrate because we have completed like only what; one-fourth of the ENTIRE MISSION???!!!
My Brain - 2 Me - negative

Me (placing my clumsy hand on the counter) - I don't get it, I never get enough credit working with you. Maybe I should ask for a different brain from the spy company!
My brain - Oh sure, as if anyone else would like to work with YOU! Be happy with what you have!
Me (moving my hands in a dramatic style) - All I ask for, is a little respect! Can't you even--

*loud as hell clattering noise caused by a lone spoon which fell from the counter courtesy of her clumsiness, the one and only, me*

*shuffling of feet in my parent's room*

Me - (completely paralyzed)
My brain - What in the world are you waiting for? RUN!!!!
Scrambling around, I hide under the dining table. My dad's (the lightest sleeper in the entire universe) feet move around the living room.

My dad - Who's there?
My brain - DO SOMETHING! Or he will find us out!!
Me (with no clue as to what I should do) - Meoww?


My brain - We don't have a cat, genius.
So I m not really allowed to stay up late, courtesy of my extremely strict parents and to even think about making coffee in the middle of the night is like a recipe for disaster that ends up in me being grounded for life. Lmao.
I hope you had fun reading it becuase I sure as hell had fun writing it!


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  • buddingauthor

    Re: Hey! Thanks for the comments on my piece!! So about the third person, well I don't know exactly why I did it. I guess I wanted every female who has gone through that to relate and get hope from the poem.
    About the title, I thought about changing it in third person too, but then I didn't. But now, I've done that, thanks!!

    5 months ago
  • Bhavya's Treasure

    Re: Indeed, we gotta hope, pray [okay, it's optional for you. ;) ] and stride for the best at our own level.

    5 months ago
  • buddingauthor

    Ahahahahahahahahaahaah!! I absolutely lovee this oh my Godd!! This is gold.

    5 months ago
  • Bhavya's Treasure

    You love coffee that much, huh? XD
    Well, yesterday only I tiptoed in the kitchen (at 2am) to drink some water and the (slight) clinking sound of utensils woke my mom... Then you know what happened. :||
    This was so so creative! What was the final score of your brain and you? XD
    -ve and -ve? And your father 100 XD
    Well, you should better adopt a cat to save you from the potential hazards of these coffee-threatening adventures/missions!

    Re: I understand... The example of Lizard in this piece double confirms that.
    Never mind, you might end up HG in 12th given that you're overflowing with talent. :D
    Yes, yes ROR is epic!

    Yes he is younger but the way he treats me counters that very fact. :o
    I love talking to youuuuu! <3
    I guess you live in New Delhi. I hail from Rohini, if you feel comfortable in telling me then I would love to know where I can find you. :D
    Have a great day Suhanee and keep writing such hilarious stuff so that I can laugh like a maniac! XD

    5 months ago
  • mystifiedtulip


    5 months ago
  • Livsnjutare (#words)

    This is really funny!!

    5 months ago
  • madeline3.14159

    This is kinda hilarious XD Is this a true story? I wanna hear what happened next :)

    5 months ago
  • Starcatcher

    hahaha, I totally get the creaky door thing. I swear my door dose that on purpose. I loved the ending

    5 months ago