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Demon Dance||Review for Review

By: KBridget


Angry thoughts float about my head
as I lie down atop my bed.
I close my eyes, I take a chance
of sleeping through another demon dance.

Hours of stillness, in which I lie
while ghoulish things sing me horrid lullabies.
I'm scared, they cackle as I weep
but, finally, I drift to sleep

My slumber is less than restful
as the nightmares that plague me become direful.
The sun wakes as I do, yawning over the sky
while I rise from my demon dance and wipe scalding tears from my eyes.


Peer Review

The title is so strikings, and I love the imagery of the first stanza, it immediately caught my attention. I love how I can imagine myself as the author here on.

Is this sleep paralysis, Anxiety, Insomnia? It's amazing how well you allow your poem to progress. I love the AABB format you use.

Reviewer Comments

It's beautiful, really, thank you for sharing. I look forward to your next work.