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I realize that without the epigraph and the context of "this is a metaphor for being a writer"...this sounds really messed up XD

I decided to make a series inspired by WtW's epigraph prompt where I write little poems based on book quotes I like. Check out the previous one:


October 4, 2020



“You are crazy!” whispered Meggie. “You’re a total lunatic!”
...”So what? All writers are lunatics!” 

and I hang these invisible puppets on string
so that they may dance for me
painting their faces with red smiles
black eyes
bleeding hearts
would you like to see my collection
display their bodies in fridges
hidden from the public eye
puncture these limp, loose dolls
so that I may stab the audience's souls
pen sharpened to a needle
inscribing doom wherever I please
constructed this castle to house my experiments 
whom shall I torture next
whose pain shall bring me pleasure
which weapon shall I use
I hold their lives in my hands
and oh
how intoxicating it is
inhaling that sweet aroma
tasting their tears on my tongue

they think I've gone mad
madness is simply my craft
and they don't know
at the end of every day
I sew my precious puppets
rebuild and heal
their fragile flesh
add yet another patchwork of emotions
thread pulled straight
from my unraveling spirit
who will continue to care for my creations
when there is nothing left of me 
I'm losing my mind
I guess that's why they call me 

Beginning quote from "Inkspell" by Cornelia Funke 


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  • Wisp

    Replying: Thank you so much!! Truly means a lot to me :)

    5 months ago
  • Wisp

    Hi DoodleNinja! I know we don't interact much, but I wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude to you. As you may know, I recently hit 101 followers, and I wanted to share my appreciation of you. I remember when you first followed me, you had a different profile picture then, and I was so ecstatic about it. Your name was so sweet and upon reading your profile, you seemed like such an amazing person. As the months went on, in quarantine, you kept me entertained with your Stereo Tropes Co. series, which is truly magnificent. You have been a follower of mine since around the beginning, and I want to thank you for that. You gave me a gift, even if it was just a like and comment and follow to you. And I truly want to thank you for that--so thank you, and I wish you the best.
    Also, I'm doing a dust jacket, so if you have any questions, send them my way!

    6 months ago
  • Wisp

    Oh wow, I love this take on being a writer. I like how you compared it to being a puppeteer and commanding our characters to do our will. And you're right, because that is absolutely true. Everything about this piece is tinged with an edge of darkness and despair and then at the end, it's like this ray of hope shined, that you fix and heal your characters--giving them happy endings and making them feel human in a way. Your take on what it's like to be a writer is simply brilliant.

    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Re: thanks! Also, I saw your profile and I see you like characters with tragic backstories... ever read Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger? Fantastic wordlbuilding, relatable characters, middle grade series. If you grow up with it, you don't outgrow it. It never feels dark even though i deals with some heavy, life-or-death stuff, which is nice. And my fave character has a tragic backstory and covers everything with humor! It's in my top 3 series of all time.
    Also, I love the Inkheart Trilogy. Definitely one of the most spellbinding, deep, rich, and enchanting stories ever. Your poem rings true for me.

    7 months ago
  • Just_A_Memory

    Re: That’s so fun!! Wish I was here for it xD

    7 months ago
  • Just_A_Memory

    Re: Between school, and personal responsibilities, I'm trying to make it work xD You're right though, it does take a long time, and I wasn't expecting to get as many comment as I did considering it takes a couple times of re-posting for people to finally noticed. I'm so grateful for the support though. :) Looks like you do it quite a bit! I'm assuming you drew your pfp?

    7 months ago
  • Emi

    The quote at the beginning is amazing...and so true. This is such a beautiful poem; it actually does capture a lot of what writers think (at least me).
    Re: thank you! I have literally no experience with dates/boyfriends, so I tried to write what felt normal to me. Glad that I pulled it off!

    7 months ago
  • RemovedUser1

    Wow, this is SO creepy, XD. It reminds me of Enoch from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, who is also really creepy at the beginning. Applying it to writing, I guess it would be all the hardships our characters have to go through before they are healed XD.
    Replying: You had to be there! The moon was one of my favorite parts too. I was trying to make it really fantastical. Thanks for coming!

    7 months ago
  • RemovedUser1

    I officially invite you to my prom! The sky is the limit and we’ll dance with the stars. .

    7 months ago
  • JustAnotherDarling

    "I sew my precious puppets/rebuild and heal/their fragile flesh" hands down the best way I've ever seen anyone talk about editing/revising their writing... I love this! You made me feel as though being a writer is akin to being some sort of mad scientist in a way. The concept is marvelous :D
    Re: My parents have been pushing me to do something "selfless" with my life (doctor), but I really love writing - not because I intend to fix the world or something, just because writing is so Me, it's For Me. That's where I got the idea for this - while also understanding that the selfishness of writing is what gives it it's beauty! And yes, you're absolutely right; by my logic, doing anything good for yourself can come off as selfish - so I say: BE SELFISH! <3

    7 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    so goooooooooooood!!! I love this!!!

    7 months ago
  • Coolgirl2020 (LOVE YA ALL)

    Wow. This is a MASTERPIECE and I think it's AMAZING! XD

    7 months ago
  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    The line "pen sharpened to a needle" is so good I gasped-- not only for stabbing, but for sewing, too? Incredible.

    7 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Oh gosh this surely would be horrifying out of context! But set on the shelf next to the context of writing, it's awesome.

    7 months ago
  • waxingcrescents

    I absolutely love this. "pen sharpened to a needle
    inscribing doom wherever I please
    constructed this castle to house my experiments
    whom shall I torture next"

    Your imagery is sinister but vivid--and, as a result, powerful. You wrote this so well!

    7 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    Im kind of... in love with this. Is there something wrong with me?

    7 months ago