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I like writing poetry, short stories, and the occasionaly nonfiction piece.

Here you'll find all sorts of poetry, short stories, mini series about my boys, and some D&D (dungeons and dragons) tales. Hope you enjoy!

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Your Octopus Stole My Garlic Bread

October 1, 2020


Your octopus ate my garlic bread
I think I might as well be dead


Your octopus stole all my garlic bread
Soon I'll shout
"Off with his head!"

Now love is gone and bread is no more
Your octopus took it right out my back door

I sit lonely st the table
With no bread I am unable

To eat, drink, or be Mary
Quite on the contrary

I am in utter dissapointment
(No, I won't make an appointment)

But your octopus has taken my bread, such a shame
He really is the one to blame

It was quite sublime
Seasoned so fine

Buttered to perfection
A real hunger resurrection

But now I have none
For the octopus one

And took the meaning from my life
After our little strife

So I shall be sad with a rumble in my belly
All because your octopus named Stromelli

Stole all of my garlic bread
Forget my other pieces, this is literary genius.


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  • October 1, 2020 - 12:04am (Now Viewing)

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  • Spade

    I love it!

    4 months ago