Diana Cojocea


Face to Face- HULTA EKEOMA

September 30, 2020


Dwelling in the intense, icicles of darkness... laid something that the sun itself could never witness.
A rare, mystical creature that emerges only on the coldest of nights. When the snowflakes gather and the moon rains brightly; the icy, blue eyes of the beautiful creature opens in the glory of the evening stars.
For centuries not one soul has ever seen at least the tips of this magical creature’s striking, scaly features.
Except once. This delicate creature was only spotted one occasion by a few curious explorers, 20 years ago today. Only a glimpse of its fine, shinning tail and the sound of its retrieving roars was observed by the lucky hikers.
Its speed was faster than a blink of their eye and wilder than the most furious lightning strikes in history. Knowing only the small observations seen by the explorers, this unknown creature was given the name Hulta Ekeoma.
Translation; ‘hiding, mystical creature.’
As years go by, so does the exciting news of the intelligent creature. The villagers return to their daily lives and the name of the Hulta Ekeoma remains untouched for generations.

Untouched it should have remained. Two years from now, nothing will be the same.
Danger for the Hulta Ekeoma triggers with a chase… The day a son of a hunter meets it face to face.


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