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A Wanted Possession

September 30, 2020


BARK! BARK! I can hear the chains of the 3 vicious dogs trail across the ground behind me, chasing me with their ferocious bloody jaws ready to tear and devour its prey. I tread heavily through another puddle, keeping my pace, quick and cautious. The dogs aren’t far behind, and there barks seem to echo in my ears. I keep running. If they catch me now, I’m a goner. I keep running, searching for some shadows or a small place in the dark to hide. The rain is pouring down and the wind is swift and rapid. I can hear the chains clinging along the ground, trailing after the determined dogs, that thirst for my soul. I can smell wet dog and could get a small wift of a bad odour. I finally see a small dark area near the ground and around some trees and bushes. I don’t take any chances and bolt as fast as I can toward the dark, shadowed area beneath the trees and bushes. I scramble in the small ditch that hid almost none of my body, and rely on the shadows to keep me hidden. The rain keeps pouring, giving me no sight of 2 meters in front. I sit silently as I hear small clinks of chains running along the wet, cold soil. I take a deep breath in and hold. I can’t give myself away. I can’t be caught. I ponder. If they catch me they’ll have it, but I can’t allow them to. I can't allow them to take advantage over it, it would be the most selfish thing i could do. I can hear chains and small, quiet growls. I clutch it from inside my pocket, holding it firmly. If I am caught it's the end of everything. I can see them now. Just. Their shadows reaching out to me, ready to overcome me. They sniff and sniff, but the scent they seek couldn't be found. They whimper as a tall, large man approaches from the dark, he looks soaked and ferocious. He wore armour of iron and steel, silver and bronze. He had a sword in his sheath, and wore an expression of rage. He stared at the 3 helpless dogs, that whimpered silently. The man looked ahead. There's a sudden flash across the sky. Suddenly I'm face to face with the evil, bloodthirsty exterminator. A grin spread wide across his face and he began to draw out his sword and treaded hard toward me. I close my eyes tight. This is the end after all. I failed everyone. I say to myself. I failed every.. Suddenly there is a rush along the bushes beside me, and I can hear footsteps charging around the place. The dogs look startled, the man grabs the chains of the 3 of them and hauls them forward. They begin to run after the footsteps that seemed to fade away along with the barking and the man yelling orders. Soon it is silent. All but the rain, that pours down. The cold wind that carries it down the way it wishes. I sit still. I didn't move for what seemed like hours. I was in shock. Whatever it was, it saved me. It was so close. To close. I can't let it happen again. My mind was full of countless thoughts and my heart was racing. I was restless and lay awake for many more hours and was triggered awake when I heard the slightest sound of movement around me. I lay awake for a some moments more, till my body felt weak and feeble and my eyes became nothing but a blure. I heard a sound from in front of me, but only slightly. And there in front of me stood a figure that only seemed visible for a moment. Then it all went dark, and sleep overtook me. 
I jolt awake. The fear is still in my soul. I am filled with terror, I look around in fear. My head swinging to find any danger around me, I am terrified but am quieted by the sound of birds chirping, singing fills my ears and I sit silently and breathe the warm fresh air. It's beautiful. Its calm. It's safe. I take a huge breathe and exhale. It wasn’t long since I almost got killed by a vicious man with a sword and dogs. I need to calm down. I need to be somewhere I know I’ll be safe. I sit for a long while. I close my eyes and imagine how everything was before this moment, before this chase, before this persecution. People would walk down the street all directions. I could see a tall woman with long red locks and makeup over her face. Her red lipstick was almost like she had kissed blood and her eye shadow was of blue and purple. She had pink nail polish and a dress of yellow with flowers of pink. Her shoes made her tall, and she was skinny in the face and body. It took a moment till a man appeared beside her, he was short and plump in shape. He wore a blue suit and his dark, black hair was combed to the side. He was professional in looks but a little teddy bear, full of love and warm welcomes. He had a smile that would make you laugh, for his smile took half of his face. They looked happy, cheerful and loving. Many people would greet them and they would laugh and tell jokes. They seemed to be the most known and welcomed in the whole city. I could see them walking down the street laughing with people and talking to people. Then they waved goodbye, smiling. Then the scene faded and another one appeared. The man and woman were in a bad cellar. The woman was crying and the man was trying to comfort her. What had happened to them? Why were they sad? Why is my thoughts like this? Who are these people? There was a bang on the cellar door and the door was thrown open, the woman screamed. 
I wake up. I inhale and exhale. Hard. I look around, the world I imagined must have been a dream. The man and the woman. All apart of a dream. I exhale in relief, and lean my body on the tree behind me. All I can think about is the man and the woman with a happy life, perfect. But then in a cellar, a bang, a scream. It’s all in your head. I say to myself. It was just a bad dream. But all I could think of was what I saw. What I had dreamt, what I had seen. Its all a dream. I repeat to myself constantly, rocking myself for comfort. All a dream. 
I lift my head from its resting place. The crackle and movement continues in the bushes around me. I hear whispers, I pick up a small branch that was on the ground beside me and stand up, slowly. I can feel a tingle of fear spring up my spine and my knees are shaking. I hold my breathe and tear away the bushes in front of me that separated me and the whispers. There stood two people. Both boys. I scream, one of the boys scream and the other just waves his hands rapidly in the air, with his mouth wide open. We scream for a long 20 seconds, staring at each other. I throw the stick at them and the silent one ducks and the branch hits the other boy across the face.  
“Owwww!” He says holding his hand to his face. “What is your problem?”  I stare silently at both of them. They are a bit funny in appearance. 
“Why do you guys look homeless?” I ask in a confused tone.  
“Homeless!” He remarks. “What do you mean homeless? Let me tell you something, we do not look homeless.” He says looking down at his broken jeans and jacket. “Oh.” The silent boy slaps his head, obviously he must of thought. “Well anyway it doesn’t really matter about appearance anyway young lady, more about character.” He says quickly, smiling. The other boy agrees, nodding his head in satisfactory. 
“Anyway,” I interrupt, the boy looks annoyed. “First of all, why are you guys around this place so far from a village? Second, who are you guys? And why does this guy silently mime things?”  They both gasp. The mime boy crosses his arms, and looks away offensively.  
“Now that.” He says “that was mean.” I look at him in a way to tell him I don’t care. It goes quiet and awkward. I break the silence. 
“Well, I have to go now. Goodbye homeless strangers.” I say slinging my small backpack onto my back and walking away. 
“Wait!” He calls out from behind. “First of all, you can’t go alone. It’s dangerous out here, you’ll kill yourself. And second, we’re not homeless!” I keep walking, ignoring him as I jump over the undergrowth and tree roots that sprung out the ground. Twisting and curling. He keeps yelling after me, but I don't pay any attention to him. His voice fades slowly as I walk further and further away. I turn around, there out of sight. I can no longer see them. I shrug and continue walking. It's my duty to keep this possession secret and safe. 
I wrote this off the top of my mind. I hope you liked it. 


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  • katnissromanoff

    This was great! I think you should continue the story!!

    4 months ago