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Harry Potter and the Cursed Niece: Part I

October 10, 2020


    I can see eyes looking at me from every angle. Not specifically me, but my whole family. I clutched my charm from my necklace, getting the sweat from my hands on the charm. I had to do something. Good thing I was a great actress.
    "Mum!" I cried. "Dad's doing that lame thing again." 
    Mum looked shocked. I hint with my eyes that I was acting, and she looks at the people staring at us. She gives a fooling smile.
    "You say lame, he says glorious," She says. "I say-somewhere in between." 
    My eyes go wide. Why isn't she calling it off? I can't have anyone suspicious of me! I can't have anyone think I'm weird! They may then suspect...
    Dad continues his nose trick with my cousin, Lily. I was just looking at everyone, staring. I'm just glad the Malfoy's aren't here. If I learned anything from Uncle Harry's memoirs, the Malfoy's spread the news faster than you can say "Please, stop!" 
    "You are silly," Lily's voice brought me out of my thoughts.
    "Everyone's staring at us again," Albus says in a slightly panicked voice. 
    I started to get mad at Albus. He's panicking that everyone is staring at us, but he's only scared because it's effect on his social status! Part of me wanted to throw off my necklace to show him something to be scared about. But the reasonable part of me resisted the urge.
    "Because of me!" Dad cries. "I'm extremely famous. My nose experiments are legendary!" 
    Part of me wanted to scream. If he was so famous, he shouldn't have come with me to King's Cross. He was attracting attention to me! And that was no good at all.
    My parents and uncle started talking about Dad's parking exam while I was internally screaming. People were staring at me with squinted eyes. I had to say something so they didn't think I was the quiet, mysterious child who probably had a secret. 
    "-nothing of the kind," Mum was saying. "I have complete faith in you." 
    "And I have complete faith he did Confund the examiner," I lied. 
    Chances are, he didn't confond the examiner. Uncle George, however, also passed a license for a car. He claimed he did no magic of any sort. That was very dubious. For Uncle George to get 100%, well, pigs would fly first. I am absolutely certain that Uncle George confond the examiner.
    "Oi!" Dad said in surprise. 
    He knew that I knew that he wanted to win a license fair and square. So he was very surprised by that sentence. When he met my eyes, however, he saw that I was acting. He backed off.
    Albus pulled his dad aside. I did the same, except for both of my parents. They looked at me, wanting me to go first. 
    "I'm scared that someone will be suspicious," I confessed. "Maybe I shouldn't go to Hogwarts." 
    "That would make them even more suspicious," Mum reasoned. 
    "It'll be hard for me to stay in the crowd, being popular," I said. "You know how different I am." 
    "Being weird will make you look normal," Dad said. "I mean, your mother was the bookiest person in the whole school as a first-year. Even more than the seventh-years. Even more than the ravenclaws. Even more than Uncle Percy." 
    Mum glared at my dad. He had just openly insulted her. She pursed her lips together.
    "Your dad, though, would chicken out when he saw a tiny spider," Mum argued. Then she looked up. "Just like the one up there." 
    Dad's mouth opened into a silent scream. Then he ran away, calling for us to join him. I watched him in amusement. Mum just rolled her eyes and ignited the spider. Dad came back. 
    "But, what if-" I said. "What if they find out that-" I lowered my voice to a whisper. "I'm a dragon." 
    Every year, a dark witch, named Vulpecula, would curse two infants, a boy, and a girl, into becoming dragons. That happened to me only a month after I was born. Luckily, if you managed to get blood from the now-dragon infant, and clasp it to the child, the external dragon qualities were hidden. And that's what my mother did to the charm on my necklace. However, if anyone found out you were a dragon, you could go to H.F.C., or the hospital for the cursed. It was more like a prison, however than a hospital. That's why I couldn't let anyone know, or even suspect, that I'm a dragon. 
    "They won't," Mum reassured, but I could tell in her eyes that she didn't believe herself. 
    "Rose, come on!" Lily's 9-year old voice rang out across platform nine and three-quarters. "Albus and James are leaving!" 
    I dug into my parent's arms, tears stringing down my cheeks. I didn't want to leave their embrace, ever. In their embrace, I didn't have to hide who I was. But I knew I would eventually have to.
    I stepped back and wiped my tears from my face with my sleeve. Mum's eyes were watering up. Dad was breathing heavily, so he wouldn't have to cry.
    "Goodbye," I said, forcing my tears to go away.
    "Goodbye," They said. 
    We walked over to Lily and the other Potters. People were staring at us, so I told Mum with my eyes to say something. Anything.
    "Rose," Mum affectionately. Then she gets into her acting phase and says, "Remember to send Nevil our love." 
    "Mum!" I cried, hoping she was just acting and didn't mean literally. "I can't give a professor love!"
    I waved and then walked over to the train. I took a deep breath. This one step would change my life. But I had to. I never had a choice in anything. I couldn't raise suspicions. So I took a step onto the train.
    The train that would lead me to Hogwarts.
    Most of this is J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne. It is based on the screen play, Harry and the Cursed Child. Most of the dialogue is from the screenplay. If you would like to know which parts were J. K. Rowlings, John Tiffanys, and Jack Thornes; read the playscript.

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  • journal.scribbles

    I LOVE how you portray Ron. Of course he wouldn't cheat on the driving test! And his fear of spiders, oh my gosh thank you for including that. Can't wait to read more! :)

    6 months ago
  • Not_a_tear_just_a_raindrop

    oh my gosh I have to read more

    6 months ago
  • Emi

    This is so cool! I love how you sort of build your own story off of J. K. Rowling's! Looking forward to the next part.

    7 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Whoa, what an interesting take on things! Rose has a secret... interested to read more!

    7 months ago