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The American Dream

September 29, 2020


In America every four years,
we got to vote against our fears.
We take a look around at our peers
and if the side we love wins, three cheers!

Three cheers to the winners.
That sucker is going to have great dinners.
Although if we assume that they are beginners,
than we get screwed like sinners.

In 2016, the year that changed everything,
an email scandal that people thought as a fling,
turned out to be a big thing.
Four years laer, America is on a string.

More people died in Covid than 100 9/11's. 
A virust that was sent down from the heavens,
Impenetrable to any weapons. 
Mr. President, you've left some miserable impressions.

$750 in taxes in 2016 combined.
Seriously, sucker, you think we're blind?
Thinking about it now, I feel inclined
to metion that only now is he getting fined.

Well, nobody sees it, that much isn't obvious.
It startles me that he still has an audience.
Stealing moves from Nixon like a copyist.
If he read this, I'd probably feel his saltiness.

I don't really care, though.
Stopoped getting pissed at the news, went with the flow.
Maybe I should've stopped watching, 'cuz I have so much ammo.
After every news session, I felt like I was watching a freakshow.
Then he started acting like Jim Crow
with pockets filling up from Moscow.

Lives have been ruined, as many people can see.
Is this really what is has to be?
Honestly, I was done at year three.
I miss the days when I was carefree
And all I had to worry about was a college degree.
America is in shambles, all I see is debris.
If we go through 4 more years, I can guarantee
that nobody in America free.
The only thing left is disease and flames on a tree.
Please vote absentee.
If you can vote, please do. Your vote does make a big difference. Believe me, I know. 


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1 Comment
  • ~Zoe N~

    Yes! Please vote everyone who can.

    10 months ago