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Untitled Science Fiction Novel | Chapter One (Draft Two!)

October 3, 2020


I almost walk past the building without stopping, but one word gets caught in the corner of my eye and startles me so much that I freeze without meaning to: academy. Through the pub's open door, I can see a glimpse of the flickering screen. It belongs to one of the old television sets, a technology now antiquated--almost extinct except for in places like this, and in households too poor to own a HoloVision. 
    There's a burly man next to the door wearing a sour expression, but I ignore him and inch closer, squinting to try and make out the subtitles. The headline has disappeared and all I can see is the news anchor's face. The volume is too low for me to hear what she's saying. I get even closer; I know I can't actually go inside because I'm underage. The man decides I'm too close and lumbers towards me.
    "You gonna come in and buy something, kid?" he growls condescendingly, knowing very well that I can't. But, seeing as owning a screen is a luxury around here, he can't let me watch for free. 
    I get the hint and start walking again, my mind racing. The Academy? Praf-Rosu stays as far away from the Academy as possible--at least they have for as long as I can remember. For the news to be mentioning it, there must be something big going on. If whatever they are talking about is true, which is a big if considering the sheer amount of gossip and rumor that finds its way onto the news, then this could be my chance. I know that Zabeod is going to send me to my room without dinner if I don't get the part he sent me out here for, but I can't help it--I have to get to where I can hear what they're talking about. I turn a corner and head back the way I came.
    I've only passed three doors when someone falls into step next to me. I look to the side and try not to sigh, "Hi, James," I say with as much cheer as I can muster.
    He doesn't seem to notice my impatience and gives me one of his signature grins. "Where are you going?" he asks. "Are you getting something interesting? A part maybe? Ooh--a core?" His eyes shine as he looks at me. "Tell me it's a core! Can I come with you to pick it up? Pleeeeease?"
    Though his wheedling is slightly irritating, I can't help but give him a small smile. The behavior, the tone, the big puppy eyes--they remind me, sometimes painfully, of Connor. That's really the only reason I really noticed James in the first place. I know that Connor could have ended up the same way, sleeping in whatever niches are available and relying on the kindness of others to survive. It could have been very different for him, for all of us, if--
    I shake myself and direct my attention back to James, who is looking at me expectantly and bouncing slightly. He has to almost run to keep up with my long strides, and I slow just a bit. "Sorry, Jamie. I have to hurry and get home. But next time I have to go to the depot, I'll come pick you up first. Deal?" I know where he usually hangs around, so finding him shouldn't be too hard, and I don't mind the company on the long trek to the warehouse where we get our cores. 
    His face falls slightly, but he catches himself and beams at me again. "Deal!"
    I dig around in my pocket and find a nacorri, change left over from my lunch. I place it in James' hand and watch as his fingers close around it protectively. He smiles in thanks and I nod. "Don't spend it too quickly," I call after him as he turns and runs off. He waves without looking back at me and disappears around the corner. I shake my head and sigh, then turn my attention back to the road.
    It takes me a minute to recognize where I am--the news, my worry about Zabeod, and James have led me to take a path that's out of the normal way home. If you can call my windowless room and Zabeod's constant berating of everyone except his precious wimp of a son "home." As my surroundings sink in, my feet slow of their own volition. 
    I'm in my old neighborhood, near the house where Connor and I grew up. The place where Papa worked his small shop and we lived with him and Mom in the apartment above. The place where Connor and I roughhoused and got into trouble and waited impatiently for the front door to open, because we knew that evenings always held special little surprises. I realize I've stopped moving entirely, stopped in my tracks for the second time today.
    I usually avoid this street; even though it's been five years the memories--and pain--are still too fresh. I take a shaky breath and look around. There's old Mr. Mochavey's building, empty now save for him and the million cats he takes in off of the street. Praf-Rosu has no shortage of street cats, that's for sure. There's also Bree's house; I can see her family sitting around the table in front of the huge window, likely engaged in one of their heated political debates. She and I used to be friends, back when I was still going to school.
    And then there's our building. The store front is dilapidated and the apartment looks deserted, the paint is peeling off of the wooden facade. The red sand has given it a slight orange discoloration, as it does with most of the buildings if they aren't cleaned often enough. No one has moved in, apparently, which is no real surprise--no one moves to this neighborhood by choice. I stand in front of the store for a moment and let old memories play through my head. Eventually, I force myself to straighten up and keep moving forward, in the direction of home. The home I hate going back to, because it isn't really mine--I just happen to have to live there.
This story is set in the distant future; our main character lives on a moon, in the capital city Praf-Rosu. 

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  • sam_lvlcnrn

    I LOVE IT!!!! Notify me when the next chapter comes out please!!!

    about 1 year ago
  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    Replying: I'm glad you thought it was funny lol, and I'll admit I was a little obsessed when I was younger-- I might memorized every line of my favorite episodes. But times have changed! I definitlely totally absolutely don't still dream of exploring the infinite universe with the 10th doctor-- I would never. I would never admit to anyone how much I loved Yasmin and 13. ;) ;) ;) Thanks so much for the review.

    about 1 year ago
  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    I'm glad the feedback was helpful :) I reread the whole thing because it was just as entertaining (maybe even more?) the second time! I'd love to be notified of the second chapter.

    about 1 year ago