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Red Shoulder Bag

September 28, 2020


I'm really hooked on the Character Inventory Prompt, so I'm publishing some independent character drafts that I've been thinking of for a while. 

Name: Caitlyn
Age: 15
Town/City: Del Ray, Fl

 A Nalgene that glows in the dark, it's from the state high adventure seabase
a belt can of pepper gel
a sharp knife usually clipped to her belt or the inside of her pocket
a wallet containing: student id, bus pass, money, gift cards, movie ticket stubs from the previous owner
a book, probably satire or gallows humor like a clockwork orange
a graph lined sketchbook, her current one is from the umbrella academy
a pack of merit badges she'll forget to sew onto her sash
a pack of dehydrated fruit mixed with far too much dried ginger
a first aid kit
small bag of nuts and wrenches in case her bike gets all finicky
What can you infer about this character?


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  • Emi

    I love this character! I'm guessing she is a survival nut, which is part of the reason she is so cool. Uh, is she a thief, too?

    5 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    I really like this!! dude the one about the patches lmao that is ME. I love the thought that you put into this!!! great piece!

    5 months ago