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So...I hope to be published some day, but I still have a long way to go.

Be sure to check out my series, The Girl Of Summer, C.R.U.S.H., agent files, Sea Shells And Glass Bottles. If you want me to notify you when a new chapter comes out please comment.

I liked the idea of a grab bag so here's mine:
January Grab Bag
#1: If you could live in any book world which would it be? Write a short story about your time there.
#2: A list of books you could read over and over again.
#3: What would it be like to switch bodies with your best friend? Short story
#4 A poem about two things that are opposite.
#5 Write about a weird experience you had once.
I would love to see what you write.
Don't be afraid to ask for a review. :)

When you leave

September 27, 2020


When you leave next spring/ I will cry my heart out on the inside but not care on the outside/ When you leave/ the dreams of you will increase/ in amount and romance/ when you leave I will write about you more then I already do/ When you leave I will wonder what you thought of me and if you think of me/ when you leave life will seem duller and not as funny/ When you leave I won't say goodbye because I don't want there to be one/ when you leave I will count the days till I might join you at college/ when you leave/ I will think of you everyday with great sorrow/ how romeo longed for juliette I will long for you/
this is my first time writing like this. Did I do it right?


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  • September 27, 2020 - 8:22pm (Now Viewing)

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  • lochnessie

    this is amazing
    yes you did it right
    re: maybe...

    5 months ago
  • AliMuscles04

    THAT WAS AMAZING! I relate to that soooo much!

    5 months ago
  • Syzygy (#words) (J.A.M)

    I can't tell you if you did it right, since I just recently did one of my own xD But from how it seems, yes. This is outstanding! <3

    5 months ago