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Wayward Emotion

September 27, 2020

PROMPT: Inventory

Name: Sage Somerild
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Town/City: N/A, born in Rye, NH - United States

 A map of Western America's bus routes with dates and times and seat vouchers for future buses
 An English to Dutch dictionary, it's only bookmarked on page 16 of 200+, guess he's not very studious
 A camera that was long discontinued, so it's hard to find the right film
 Postcards of Death Valley
 A journal, filled with continuous and discontinued letters for his disconnected family in case he dies along the way
 Some small jars of herbs and salts that can't be found in the northern states
 A herb catalog that he's building, with some graphite pencils
 He's not a very sentimental person, so he doesn't carry around pictures, but he does have pressed flower bookmarks that a  highschool girlfriend made for him, they were dipped in perfume, though the scent and color had long since faded
 A plane ticket to the Netherlands, it's set for the coming fall
 An acceptance letter into Wageningen University, they expect him this Winter
I like this character, maybe I'll write him


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  • Dmoral

    it is actually, a quote. it's a song lyric from "awake my soul" by mumford & sons, reading, "lend me your eyes i can change what you see / but your soul you must keep, totally free." and i just put it upside down for irony and aesthetic purposes.
    also, thank you for your kind words. :)
    xoxo best wishes
    ~fanclub prez

    about 1 month ago
  • amazing grace

    If you write about this person please post it on here.

    5 months ago