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September 27, 2020


    "Ugh," Liam groaned. "I want to go back home."
    "This is our home now," I said. We were both lying in the grass with nothing else to do. We had both frustrated Mom and Dad so we decided it was better to just stay outside. "Do you want to play charades?" I sat up.
    "Well then let's just continue staring at the sky." I laid back down. "Ow!"
    "I laid on an acorn."
    "It wasn't on purpose." We continued to stare at the sky.
    "Why don't we go explore?" Liam suggested. 
    "Okay. Where do we explore?"
    "The woods around the house. There isn't anything else around, or at least we don't think there is any else around. If we explore, we can find out if that's true or not," he explained.
    "Okay," I reluctantly agreed. At this point, I wouldn't have cared what he suggested. I was so bored that I was willing to do anything. I would have wanted to drive to the downtown area, but being in eighth grade meant that I didn't have a driver's license and my parents were unpacking.
    We got up and started walking to the part of the woods directly behind our new house. After we got far under the canopy of trees, I was getting worried. These woods seemed to stretch on forever. “Hey, Liam?”
    "Did you bring your phone?"
    "No, did you?"
    "No. Did you bring your compass?"
    "Seriously?" I yelled.
    "You didn't bring anything either!" he yelled back.
    "This is so stupid," I muttered.
    I continued to walk, trying to find anything I recognized in the forest. Of course, there was no use for that because I had never been in this forest before and I did not pay attention to my surroundings. 
    "What's that?" Liam asked as we saw a clearing. 
    "I don't know," I said and then ran up to the clearing. On the other side of it, there was a mansion-like house. It looked old. "Maybe someone inside could tell us directions?"
    "You know we aren't allowed to talk to strangers. We should just turn around and start going in the opposite direction."
    "I'm going to go up to that house," I told him. Liam looked at me with eyes full of fear. "You can stay here."
    "No! I am not standing in the middle of the woods alone! I'll come with you," Liam nervously responded.
    I started walking towards the house. After I reached the door, I realized that the door looked like it was about to fall over and the windows on the front of the house were cracked and broken. "Should I knock?" I questioned Liam. He just shrugged. He looked too afraid to talk. I suddenly felt bad but didn't back down from the door. I balled my hand into a fist and gently knocked, for I didn't want to be responsible for the breaking of the door. It then occurred to me that if the door was this weak and the windows were cracked and broken, it was pretty likely that no one lived there. Because of my adventurous spirit, I opened the door on my own.
    "SCARLETT!" Liam screamed as I entered the home. I tried to ignore his scream.
    As I had assumed, there wasn't anyone in the house, though everything was in pristine condition. There was actually a coffee mug on the table. It had dried up coffee in it. There were a few dishes in the sink. I saw a newspaper hanging over the back of a chair. I walked over to it to look at the date. 1942.
    "Liam!" I called, hoping he would decide to come in. "This house was abandoned in 1942!"
    "How do you know?" he called back as he slowly stepped into the house.    
    "The date of the newspaper. Isn't that crazy?" I walked over to the living room.
    "So crazy," he sarcastically said.
    The living room had a blanket out on the couch and a radio on the side table. I felt like I had time-traveled to the 40s. Nothing was out of place. "Let's go upstairs!" I exclaimed.
    "Scarlett!" he yelled as I ran up the stairs. "We should go home now! Mom and Dad are probably really worried!"
    "It's fine! It won't be much longer. Let's go!" 
    After I reached the top of the stairs, I decided that it was incredibly dumb of me to climb the stairs in an abandoned house from the 1940s. For all I knew, the stairs were about to fall. I had just risked my life. Well, I survived!
    I walked into the first bedroom. The wallpaper was so ugly. I couldn't believe that someone would have actually picked out that for their room. It makes sense why I was born in the 21st century.
    As I looked around the room, I realized that it was a little boy's room. There was a toy train on the floor and the bed was unmade. The sheets were white and the comforter was baby blue with little boats embroidered on it. I started to tear up. What happened to this family? Where did they go?
    I decided to go into other rooms and look for clues. As I walked out of the boy's room, I saw that Liam was still at the bottom of the stairs thinking about whether it was safe for him to go up or not; basically doing what I should have done.
    The next room I saw was a girl's room. I could tell because of the pink everywhere and the dollhouse in the far left corner. My mom had a dollhouse in the attic that her grandmother had given her that looked similar to that one. This bed was made. I spotted a piece of paper with writing on it. The writing read: They are coming. If you are reading this, know that Anna, John, Mary, and Orville are in danger. The paper had a date on it of July 19, 1942. That note freaked me out. "Liam, I'm ready to go," I quickly said and ran down the stairs and out of the house as fast as I could. 
    "What happened?" he asked, out of breath after chasing me out of the house.
    "There was a really scary note on the bedside table in the girl's room. Maybe they were spies and people were coming for them! It was during World War II. This is so weird. Oh gosh, I want to go home right now."
    "That's freaky. While you were upstairs, I think I remembered the way back home."
    "Thank goodness." 
    Finally, after about thirty minutes of walking, we reached the edge of the forest and I could see our new house. "Let's never go exploring in the woods again," Liam suggested as we walked towards home.
Thank you for reading my story! This was an idea that I got when driving around (because there isn't much better to do in quarantine) and I saw some abandoned houses. Because I love history and mysteries so much, my first thoughts were "when was this built?", "who lived here?", "why was it abandoned?", and "was this someone's dream house?" Random thoughts, I know, but it made my imagination run wild. I had started a novel with this idea, but it wasn't working how I had hoped. I decided to write it as a short story. It was a pretty random story and I just kept writing whatever came up in my head until I got to a good enough conclusion. I hoped you liked the finished product and any feedback, comments, or reviews would be greatly appreciated!! :):)


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