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The Maine House

September 26, 2020


You and I, We'll buy a condo in Maine,
we'll throw a duvet over the couch
and wear slippers against the cold wooden floors,
Make a home where we, finally, aren't running away
when the first storm comes, the house says it's okay

The walls don't remember when they died
but the beams, once, were trees
and the mirrors once seaglass,
and the portrait a woman with no light in her eyes
and now they are one home with no water to cry

So we open the window, and light falls on the beams
we gaze into the mirrors,
draw the portrait glasses,
and we patch up the house where winds come through the seams
We swear to protect it if the house protects me

The house says come ho' when the robbers come knocking
and the hinges don't budge
and the window's ne'er shatter
post the first hurricane, the townsfolk come flocking
to the one standing building, for safety. They're talking

saying the house deserves a name

Ad when I whither and my bones grow old
in some fifty years,
darling don't mourn me,
we'll get a calendar, mark it steady as the fall
as the beam from the lighthouse, just up the road

I'll be the floorboards so they never creek
bury me there
dressed in my nightgown
We'll mark the calendar, that day I sleep
we'll know when I die, in the mains house with the same name
as me
I asked a friend from a prompt and they said "The setting I alive" so thanks, Marga.
I've been inactive on here cause I've been writing a criminal amount of fanwork over the past few weeks. Oops?


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1 Comment
  • Paisley Blue

    Oh wow this piece is stunning!! The language, the emotion, and the descriptions just blow me away. This is so beautiful! Wow. Amazing!

    2 months ago