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Heyo! I’m Lauren, a high school sophomore who loves reading too many fantasy novel series, listening to music, and eating a probably unhealthy amount of ice cream.

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Devilish Wishes - 6

September 26, 2020


Tabitha Rawlings stared blearily at the ceiling. It looked the same as always, with its loopy rabbit-shaped crack down the middle, and the odd water leak stains by the corners. Slowly, she blinked. Then she hefted herself about and peered at the clock on the bedstand. 12:00 AM, it flashed at her, glowing green in the hazy darkness.

Tabitha fumbled around for her glasses. She was now positive the strange sounds she’d heard were not from her dream, which featured a lot of china-clinking and tea-tasting, but from her front garden. Tea-tasting, a peaceful activity where the taster’s only sounds were critical slurps and hums of pleasure, did not feature loud clanging noises (oh Lord, what of the delicate chinaware?) or Heavens despair, ear-splitting screams.

Tabitha worried her thin bottom lip worriedly, as she slid out of bed and into her slippers, and wrapped her dressing gown tightly around herself. Her first guess was that the dratted neighborhood raccoons had gotten into her trashcans again, except raccoons didn’t emit blood-curdling screeches or eerie clacking like the sounds she’d heard. Her second guess was that a horde of teenage buffoons had decided they’d roll down the street whilst caterwauling hysterically. The simple thought of that instilled in her a rush of righteous fury. Determinedly, Tabitha advanced to her bedroom window and yanked back the lacy rose curtains. Flood of reprimands ready to let loose, she threw open the window latch and glared outside. Yet…

The street was quiet. The trees, tinged gold and silver with the light of the streetlamps and the moon, swayed softly. The cool night air swept into the bedroom, filling it with the scent of wet grass and faint smokiness of a bonfire. Nary a soul walked the sidewalk, and nary a teenage buffoon galloped down the street.

Tabitha frowned slightly. Then huffing a laugh at her old self (she must have dialed her hearing aids too loud), she turned to close the latch before she caught a chill. Just as Tabitha’s wrinkled fingers alighted on the worn metal, a sound caught her attention.

Diiing…. dong.

Tabitha glowered darkly. First, the imagined screaming. And now the doorbell. Whatever young nincompoop was wreaking havoc tonight, they’d experience her wrath in full.

Irritably, Tabitha slammed the window shut and hurried out of her bedroom, down the hallway, and into the drawing room, clicking on the rose-patterned lamp as she did so. With a renewed burst of indignation, she flung open the front door.

And screamed.
Chapter 6 of a novel/novella? I'm working on. 


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