Emily Russell

The Strong

May 14, 2015



 "why is the world so cruel that some people want to end their lives? Its always the best people..."

"the ones who make it, are the strong regardless of how good or how bad the person is, in the end the strong ones, the ones with will power are the ones who make it"

"its not fair, the best ones are left behind"

"life isnt fair"

"thats bullshit and a cliche"

"sad but true"

"i dont understand it. Why should some of the best people i know want to end thier lives? Why are people so evil to other people? Why are people so mean that they would make someone want to no longer live?"

"becuase the mean ones make themselves stronger by feeding of the weak, and the strong are the ones that make it"

"its not fair"

"i know. but its true"

"the truth is ugly"

"that it is dear, that it is"




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