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Hey, everyone. life is life and I'm still Coolgirl. Promise. But changes have happened, so now, I'm going to treat this as my platform to change the world. Anything and everything that needs spoken about, I'll try to.

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Sorry about the extra-long hiatus I had, by the way. Had to sort through a few things in life, but I'll try to be here again. Thanks!

The Life of a Fifteen-year-old Superhero Part 1

October 18, 2020


    "You!" I shout. "Drop the gun!"
    I'm in a small house on the outskirts of the city. A woman and her three children are cowering against the wall while her deranged husband aims a gun at her. He whips around and points the gun at me. "Stay out of th-" He stops. "What in the-what are you?"
    I have to admit that the outfit I'm wearing is rather strange. It's a black jumpsuit that is decorated with random flairs of color (green, blue, gold, etc.). My black hair is tied back into a ponytail. I have a mask that covers the upper part of my face but lets me see at the same time. 
    "What am I?" I smirk. "I'm a superhero."
    Before the man can move an inch, I'm rushing at him and I bat the gun out of his hands. I aim a short chop to his windpipe and he falls to the floor, unconscious.
    I turn to the wife and children. They're staring at me, their eyes wide with fear. The woman seems to be muttering something under her sounds like a prayer.
    I sigh and hold out my hands toward them. "Don't worry. This will all be over soon."
    I kneel down next to the youngest child and place my hands daintily on either side of her head. I close my eyes because I already know what the wife and other child will see. Threads of silver will flow in through my fingertips. I can feel them; they're cold and almost wet, but not quite. The thread flows to my mind and I can see the memory of this incident.
    I quickly manufacture a replacement: the husband explains that he is leaving, tells them not to come looking for him, kisses and hugs them good-bye, and walks out the door. I send the silver thread back towards the child and when I open my eyes, she's in a deep, peaceful sleep.
    The mother and other child look terrified of me. They have been silent the whole time while I'm doing this, but now, the wife looks as if she might scream. I quickly gesture to the child. "She's fine. I didn't hurt her."
    The mother looks like she doesn't believe me, so I change her memory next. She doesn't move, just sits and watches me with wide eyes full of fear. Soon, she's asleep, too.
    When I stand up, the children are curled up against their mother, all looking very tranquil. It's easy to modify memories of people who have just gone through a traumatic incident; their mind seems to want to help, as if even their subconscious can't stand what they've been through.
    The bruises on the mother's arms make me sigh and I quickly heal both her and the children. Their wounds are transferred onto my arms and though it stings, I feel slightly better knowing they no longer have to suffer. I somehow find the strength to carry the woman and her children one at a time to their beds.
    Now, it's time to deal with the man.
    I survey him carefully. He's obviously a danger to his family, but is there any hope for him? Could he possibly turn over a new leaf?
    I'm too tired to think about it now, so I use my very last vestige of power to teleport the man to one of my safehouses. I make him swallow a sleeping pill that will ensure that he won't wake up before I'm ready to deal with him.
    All my reserves have been exhausted, so I leave the safehouse on foot, taking care that nobody sees me. I skulk through dark alleys until I reach my apartment. My neighbors and landlady are used to seeing me come back to my apartment wearing strange costumes; they think I'm a street performer.
    Once I'm inside, I change into a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I brush my black hair out, take out my contact lenses and put on my glasses, and settle down in my comfy armchair to read a book.
    Just then, my phone rings, and I pick it up.
    "Kiara, honestly, I've called you at least ten times! Just because your father and I agreed to let you do superhero things on your own at fifteen does not mean you can ignore our calls and not come home when we tell you to! Are you asking to be grounded? 'Cause I'd be more than happy to supply that!"
    "No, Mom, I'm sorry. It's jus-this new outfit that Allina designed for me doesn't have any pockets, so-"
    "Don't blame your sister for your oversights! You should have brought a purse with you and put it in your purse."
    I roll my eyes. "Mom, I'm not gonna take a purse with me to go crime-fighting!"
    "Well, you should. Anyway, I didn't call you to lecture you, I just wanted to remind you to come home early. Don't you remember? Your older brother is coming home to visit?"
    My jaw drops. "What? Mom, I don't remember you telling me th-"
    "Be home soon, darling! Bye!"
    I am floored. I don't remember anything about my brother coming back from college to visit us!
    You might think I'd be happy about this. Well, usually, I would be. But I just recently found out something that has completely ruined my perception of my brother.
    He's a supervillain.
Dinner at Mom's House with a Twist series is HERE!!!! Hope you like it! <3

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  • Deleted User

    I LOVE this. I'm 15 too, so I can totally relate. :) Also your cliff-hanger is awesome! Let me know when new pieces are out, if you please!

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  • RemovedUser1

    Wow, this is great!! It’s funny, but I want to know more about this superhero! I also like this line: “ It's easy to modify memories of people who have just gone through a traumatic incident; their mind seems to want to help, as if even their subconscious can't stand what they've been through.” That’s really sad, but very interesting! I also really want to see what the dinner would be like! I’m kinda reminded of Despicable Me 3 (I think?) where his brother is a supervillain but Gru is a super spy. It’s a really cute movie. Great job with this!

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    I LOVE IT!!!!!! :)! Your work is always awesome and this is no exception!!!! This is such an awesome idea and I am excited to see what happens next!

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    Chapter 18 of Traitors and Rebels!!

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    Also, I love your writing! It's super fun to read!

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    Okay, I love this and I love the little details you added. I can't wait to hear what happens next!

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