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Hi! I’m Root (they/them), 15
I’m a published author now, that’s cool. I also run, program, and read.

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We, the Immortal Love Story (PLEASE READ)

October 3, 2020


You and me, we have history 
In our veins. Rebirth and tragedy,
Wars and peace, science and art
Scrawled writing in letters is only part
Of our story, for we have survived centuries,
One thousand you’s and one thousand me’s. 
While telling our story, where should we start?

You are Eurydus, Roman soldier
Of grand courage and a bold charisma. 
I am Nisus, swift and eager
Willing to fan this flaming love. 
No one shall erase us 
From the memory of time. 
I will come back for you, I must
For there is no one but you to be mine. 

We are in the Sacred Band of Thebes,
We’ve never faced defeat. 
And Pelopidas, me.
Fighting side-by-side,
I will protect and you will impress
And together we rise—
There is no more time to hide. 
Let’s fight. 

Orestes and Pylades:
This is you and me. 
You, a hero, and me, a warrior. 
Til the strings of fate are cut,
We will be be each other’s saviors. 
I’ll carry the message 
While you save the world, and me,
And together in time we’ll age. 

It is I, Hadrian, and you, Antinous:
Traveling to Antrioch and Alexandria from Athens. 
Hunting together, saving each other. 
Until you must leave again, pushed into the Nile. 
I’m distraught that I have lost you again after such a short while. 
Now you’re deified, you shall be loved by all. 
I’ll build you a city
And paint you into the stars. 
One day, once again the world will be ours. 

Our story is still being written 
In sprawling cursive scratched into parchment,
But I know I’ll find you. 
For I always have, by all of our eternal love. 
It is my compass, and you are my destination. 
One day, it’ll be reached, and we may prosper once more
In this eternal love story of ours. 
I had to do so much research for this, haha. I hope people read it. Any comments or reviews or feedback is appreciated (and yes—all of these couples are queer in some way. I had a couple of others listed but these were the most dramatic while simultaneously being relatively healthy for the time).


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  • Stone of Jade

    thank you so so so much for your review!!! It is so helpful!!

    5 months ago
  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    You are amazing at poetry!!! :) I love this!

    5 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    Re: hey, thanks for your comment, you say you're not very good at reading poetry, but i think you're very perceptive. your third point was almost spot on! you're the only person who's pointed it out, so i think you're doing prett great! :)

    5 months ago