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Some Lit. Magazines I've been published in/write for:
If you have any writing pieces you would like to share, feel free to submit them to any of these magazines! I guarantee you, it'll be worth it :)

1. Cathartic Literary Magazine (Exoskeleton)
2. Ice Lolly Review (I flew Like Icarus)
3. Elysian Muse (Land of Tragedy)
4. EverybodyTalksLit mag. (Rose)
5. Velvet Fields Lit. Mag. (Mea Maxima Culpa)
6. Grits Quarterly (issue 2) (Mother Nature's Unrequited Love)
7. The Natural Journal (Wishing Fountain)
8. "The Front Page Initiative" - creative writer
9. "Metamorphosis Magazine" - article writer

Wishing Fountain

September 27, 2020


Both tossing our coins synchronously,
we watched as our reflections warped
from the tranquil undulation of the water
ripples. The "plunk" sound we discerned, was
a near indication for us that our wishes had 
been received. Dreams of a world only
bounded by magic & laughter was one we
envisioned; a polychromatic world.
We desired a land filled with woodland nymphs & 
sugar plum fairies, that carried happy little
tunes, as we skipped along to the beat. We wished to 
exist in a world where abberation was indeed possible!
Finally breaking our gaze from the wishing fountain,
we enthusiastically began counting off the seconds,
minutes, and days until we would finally escape our 
monochromatic world.



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