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September 28, 2020


It was a dark night. The moon was covered by clouds, and the stars were invisible. The cold wind swept through the streets of the dark, quiet town, while a shadow sneaked silently through the dark alleys. The figure passed a street light and her face was seen. It belonged to a tall woman, probably in her twenties, in a long trench coat with high heals and long hair. As if being followed, she looked behind her back, nervously. She knew if someone found out about this, she would get in trouble – real trouble. But that’s what she signed up for.
Finally the woman turned into a dark alley, probably the darkest of all. There she stood, all alone in the dark, with only the ticking of her small clock filling the unbearable silence that surrounded her. The wind continued blowing softly, and goosebumps started to appear on her arms, just like a shiver which was running down her spine. Of course, she held the icy wind accountable for all this.  
She hated this place. She has been here a lot of times, and still she hasn’t gotten used to the foul rotten smell, the moist walls and the rats and mice scurrying around to find some bit of food. Then, a tall figure appeared at the other end of the alley and walked in a quick manner toward her, until he was a few steps away from her. In the low light only a few features were seen, like his bright blue eyes and his slightly crocked nose, and even though it was so very dark, she recognized him at once.
“Mr. Laurence, I am surprised to see you here. I was expecting Mr. Harris tonight”, she said, not even bothering to great him appropriately.
“Good to see you too”, Mr. Laurence greeted in a mocking tone. Softer, he said “Mr. Harris couldn’t make it. You gave us a very short notice… I hope this means you have more information?” he informed.
“Yes, sir,” she replied. “I have notes on the next attack right here, hidden in this ring. It shows when they will be flying out the bom-“
“Shush, that’s enough!” the mysterious man interrupted. “You know we’re not entirely safe here! Someone could be hearing us. Now just give me the ring and hurry along!”
“I’m sorry, sir. But you should know what this ring contains is very powerful information. You should not toss this aside like the last time. Make sure it get’s delivered, or this war shall never end,” she threatened.
Mr. Laurence was startled, but caught himself quickly. “May I remind you that your information in the past hasn’t always been very exact or even remotely true?”
“I know,” she cursed, “but trust me on this one. This one is the greatest yet. Captain Camden must know about it.” Her tone got a little softer. “Did Captain Camden say anything about my mission or anything I could do different?” she inquired.
“He said you’re doing brilliant. You’re his best recruit,” he replied. “Even though I can’t see why.”
A small smile formed on miss Delwera’s face. She did do a great job. It was way better than her old job, which was daily writing down of numbers for ungrateful old men who could do nothing but complain. Of course, not everything about this was great, especially her other boss. Alone the thought about having to go back there tomorrow is excruciating, and if it weren't of such importance, she would never dream of stepping another foot in that building.
“Are you okay, miss?” Mr. Laurence noticed her expression. “You know that you can come back if it's to risky. I would understand. This job is nothing for a wom-”
“Oh, believe me,” the woman replied. “It would take more than the fact of me being a women to make me quit spying for our country.”


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  • ilovecake

    I love this and the topic of women empowerment!!

    2 months ago
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