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October 17, 2020



plasticity does not unstick so easily from
my chest     like bubblegum i peel it off so that bubbling
flesh festers off of congested wounds and i have
sins to confess on cracked canyon lips so
i will move them to the tune of this stifling song
my mother prayed to the rabbit on the moon
tonight     she chews on cynics like tape on her
tongue and i have long since really talked to her
like i don’t know her favorite color or [what color
she sees behind her eyelids at night] and     i think
andromeda kissed the earth when she fell because
my knuckles are smarting against molten ash
and     i think there must be some repentance
for me after all : everybody loves a girl who can
spit blood between puckered lips     don’t they

i pop my cysts one by one but they still spill
into my throat like ink from my pen     everyone
knows poets are paid to lie and i think i’ve made
a pretty penny     does god see his reflection
in his knees too because goddamn i kneel on mine every
morning and i think there’s asphalt on my fingers
again    i walked on my hands to church
but i forgot to rinse them off and now a stranger’s
spit is in my throat and she tastes like lethargy
someone is wailing from the third floor     for god’s sake
i carve apathy on my pinky finger and wrap it in
cellophane     and somehow it is sturdy enough
to heal.
if you ever get a chance, go visit the rabbit in the moon. she's talked to herself way too long. 


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  • aiyanna

    Such an impactful piece, each word had its place and it rolls off the tongue so beautifully, yet painfully. Amazing.

    26 days ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    "my mother prayed to the rabbit on the moon / tonight" ack i love this. maybe they're pounding medicine? or mochi? also "poets are paid to lie" AHHHHHH PURPLEPANACHE A;SDLJ;SFDLKJASFD. but like yeah, seriously. love the flow of this poem and how all the separate ideas bounce off each other. i mean it when i say that your writing style is absolutely gorgeous. the imagery is vivid yet the ideas are still shining through. that's some talent there ;)

    26 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    woah... i think this is my favorite piece of all of yours... something about it just clicked. the details that at first don't seem to be related but then you read it and it works so well... the brilliant spacing and the amazing words... and those footnotes!!! I am in love with them <3 wow. this is stunning. seriously, wow. i don't know what to say!

    26 days ago
  • Dmoral

    for some reason, i read the footnotes first and omg i'm obsessed...
    as for your poetry-prose-beauty-whatever you desire to call it, is gorgeous. i love the unique spacing, different for sure but definitely works and the way it oddly flowed, the diction was lovely too. great piece, truly!

    26 days ago