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How hard it is

By: Holy_Grail


How hard it is for me to watch as my leaves wither and fall under the lightness of the air unto a carpet of their dead brothers.
Everything spelt 'green and joy' over the gardens, flowers bloomed, figs smiled under the warmth of the sun's rays and as soon as it was sunset, and the sun would hide behind those flowers and shimmer its presence in pure richness and ecstasy upon them, I'd smile and wonder why I'm the only tree dying in the middle of spring.

Message to Readers

Please tell me what your thoughts are on this. Any form of advice and criticism is welcome. Thanks!

Peer Review

Communication of sweet sorrow.

Do you believe in reincarnation? Are you saying life is suffocating? I feel like, in real life, this would be a beautiful example of a day in life, how something dies within yourself that others couldn't comprehend.

Reviewer Comments

It's an incredibly powerful piece, the change of smiling to not life an evergreen in the desert is amazing. I'm stunned by the smooth transition you play in this. You're doing great <3