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noticed how i slipped the link in there at the end ;), anyway, i'm here if you're struggling lovelies; just keep going #passiton

poetry service announcement (psa): body issues

September 24, 2020



pt. 1
they blame vanity on the mirror's cradling the
individuality; that saying "i'm pretty"s not okay but
neither is saying "you're ugly" as your reflection's
eyes bleed the color of grey tears clearly. so she
sings a song about nobody being perfect, well his 
voice whispers the concept of her flawless purity;
tell me, how do we thrive in a world of hypocrisy?

pt. 1 : condensed.
i could lie and unbecomingly describe the beauty
in everything (something no one can see; no, each
beauty can only be seen by a certain kind of

pt. 2
swollen feet comes with pregnancy and injury, it's
fate's proof your still living; and every time i see
the trashman who limps, i wonder if i should offer
him a cookie (but then realize it's the food version
of my pity; so i leave him be, he's living the best he
can be; living a life that makes him happy
pt. 2 : condensed.
bluntly, it's okay to say "not pretty" but don't ever
say "ugly", that's just heartbreaking; it's okay, to
pick and chose what looks good on you, but it's
never your fault that outfit doesn't fit you.

pt. 3
every second somebody's deleting a photo from the
screen or screaming from the numbers bruising their
too thin skin; so understand that vanity now is believing
your the only one who's suffering; trust me, everyone
learns how to stop crying (even when they're still dying
inside from the words slapping the makeup into their

pt. 3 : condensed.
body issues are healthy, it means you're seeing yourself
through the eyes of a bunch of nobodies and lenses of
self-discovery; yes, the journey's different for each 
body, it's how you stumble through it that's concerning
or rewarding.
PSA - p̶u̶b̶l̶i̶c̶  poetry service announcement (remember those #passiton commercials? 'cause that's partly what inspired this and made me think of writing it.)

how do you describe something generally when it's all about individuality? the same way you pour lava on to hotcakes: you just do. so as your slap the glass off your callused hands, whispers prayers that they understand your poetry positively; yes, it's up to the sun's ray shining on the image now.


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  • Cosmogyral

    re: 3am in the city with the streetlight streaming through your window, and you can't sleep?

    2 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    whoa. the end of that first stanza completely hits you with this epiphany, like you're perfect until he doesn't love you anymore? was he supposed to call you perfect or call you beautiful? "but then i realize that it's the food version of my pity" wow, i feel like i can see a lot of things in a new light once i start reading my pieces? it's like a dose of insight that i wouldn't've gotten otherwise. "so understand that vanity now is believing / your the only one who's suffering" oml i... wow. how does someone write like this? and that whole final stanza... wow. for some reason i feel like i can see things in a new light now? it really shed some light onto another perspective; this was just so so well written. wonderful psa, i'll be coming back to this one.

    2 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Yes, this is so good!!! Wow. I love this PSA!!! awesome piece <3

    2 months ago
  • bellairet

    Truth, truth! Writing the "condensed" versions of the separate parts is so fitting for the subject matter, plus good god they're beautiful. "so understand that vanity now is believing / your the only one who's suffering; trust me, everyone / learns how to stop crying" gave me pause especially. I would read all your PSAs ack

    2 months ago