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To My Favorite Book Characters

By: madeline3.14159


Hey ___________, 
Um. I don't know how to start this cause I'm like... your number one fan.  Literally. I know pretty much everything about you. Every single one of your experiences. Well, that sounds really creepy, I promise it's not. I just feel like you're my best friend, but you don't even know me. See, you have unintentionally told me all of your secrets. I have witnessed all of your worst and lowest moments. Those decisions you hate the most? Guess what? I know about those. All of those highs, all of those lows. I know about every single one of them. So maybe I don't blame you for not being my friend. I would probably be pretty creepy to be around. I would be constantly asking questions, persistently guessing your inner feelings.  But I still wish I could meet you for even one moment. But you're not real... So instead I meet you in my brain, coming up with fake encounters. Please don't think I'm creepy. And also, I would be forever indebted if you sent me a signed book sometime... Ohhh wait.... I forgot again. You're not real. Sorry for pointing that out again. I just love you so much. (Not in a weird way). 
Your Friend and Admirer, 

Peer Review

This is such a creative idea! I think so many of us wish that our favorite fictional characters were real, I know do. I think this piece communicates emotion well.

I think it would be intriguing for you to further develop why you wish they were real.

Reviewer Comments

Overall I think this is a really good piece!