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Olivia's Lights

September 21, 2020


          The lights flicker on and off. There is a rhythm to it, a pattern to it, there has to be. Olivia watches the dance of electricity with bloodshot eyes, trying to read her future in the flashes. With every burst she catches sight of the room she is in, stark walls thrown into harsh relief stabbing her eyes. There is a crack in the ceiling above her. At least, there was a moment ago. An eternity of flickering light ago. She cannot tell if it is still there, her vision now floating with dark shapes. Something scuttles along the corner of the wall.
          She pays it no mind, trying to count the time between darkness and light with little more than a few shaky breaths. Her eyes are dry now. Every blink feels like sandpaper. If she closes her eyes, will she be able to open them again? Olivia thinks (she thinks she thinks she thinks) she can probably still see the light through scarlet eyelids.
          But she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know she doesn’t know she doesn’t know-
          The next time the lights come back on she stops breathing, something in her chest clamping tight around her lungs and heart. The papers stacked on the floor rise up, contorting into small white rats that chase themselves around the floor. The scuttling paper corners scratch at her ears, and she cannot see them but she can hear them, rustling across the wood.
          The lights flicker on and off and Olivia marks the irregularities on her skin. A paper demon crawls across her toes, sharp edges like teeth against a part of her she can no longer feel. It circles around and around her body and when it noses her ear, she swears she can hear it breathe.
          No, no, that’s insane- she is dreaming. She is dreaming about patterns and darkness and folding paper and her own helpless body again. Olivia is dreaming. She is asleep, trapped somewhere where she cannot scream. She is trying not to cry (or trying to cry, her eyes too dry to move) as something scurries across her throat. She is lying still as something warm and sticky drips behind her ear. She is asleep.
          Olivia is not breathing. The rat is. Another paper flies up to join it. With every pulse of the light above her, she prays to not be able to see her hands, sure they have fallen off her wrists and begun scratching alongside the shifting white paper.
          The light turns on again, and this time it fills her chest with sudden warmth, her blood turned to pure electricity being controlled by the single lightbulb on the ceiling. When it goes out she does not scream, although she would like to. She would like to shout and cry and laugh at the ice in her veins.
          No heartbeat now, no breathing. All Olivia can do is watch the lights turn on and off, on and off, on and off.
I vaguely remember writing late last night while listening to the nightmare before christmas soundtrack, woke up and this was in my docs. First stab at horror-esque stuff, if this vaguely unsettled you/was creepy, that's what I was going for!


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  • Paisley Blue

    oh my goodness, well, for the first time writing horror stuff, you nailed it!!! This makes me want to go grab my old nightlight... great piece!

    5 months ago