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Hi!! This is my first peace on WtW so yay! Please give me feedback and any corrections I should know about. Thanks for reading!!

Art Can Change the World

September 23, 2020

Art can change the world. Throughout my thirteen years on this planet and way before then, art has influenced mass amount of change and the need to strive for more, for better, not only in my life but in millions of others. The immense amounts of injustice going on in this world is depressing to say the least, but with the power of art, we can all help change that. The powerful thing about art is the fact that it has and will never fit into a specific mold with only one or two variations. Art is something that anyone and everyone can have and make, whether that form of art may be music, painting, drawing, writing, and so much more. When there is information to be spread, laws to change, and a world to make better, the best way to change these grim circumstances is through the power of art. Step up and fight for what you believe in, write a petition, paint a cry for help, play songs of change. Art is influential, to everyone, you just need to find what kind influences you. Art can change the world, only if you let it.
This is my first piece on this website! Please give feedback and any corrections that you think I should know about! Thank you for reading!


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  • Mpm#1

    Welcome to WTW! We're happy to have you my friend!

    26 days ago
  • Stone of Jade

    heyyy! Welcome to WTW!! If you have any questions let me know! Comment in one of my pieces so I see the notification--that's how we chat back and forth, if you reply on your own piece we won't see the notif--
    Also, if you ever want a review just ask! I'll get to it as soon as I am able so don't be afraid to ask up front
    This piece is so wonderful! I can't wait to read more of your work!!

    5 months ago