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I've Been Thinking...

April 20, 2015



I've been thinking. I'm tired of being used. Tired of helping you guys out with nothing in return. All I want is a friendship. One where it's involved, bragging about the other and showing off. I'm tired of being alone and ditched for the other more popular ones. The ones that look better next to you. I'm tired of being there for you, and catching you when you fall. Helping you on any assignment when asked with out any questions. Trying my hardest to keep you all content with me. Then you getting mad when something's not right, I feel bad and try to be there. I'm honestly tired of being the ignored shadow. Only out during the day, only out when needed. Then tucked away, never to be seen. Am I just a back up? Someone on the side? 

Do you know the feeling of being used? Then thrown away at the drop of a hat? I do, and I'm thinking that I'm tired of being treated like so. But can I stop it? No. For it is an on going cycle, that only you can fix. I have brought my end, will you bring yours? 


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  • Jayde

    Hey, you know you can't get rid of me. I may be distant at times, but I am definitely here for you. I may not know how to comfort you, but I will help. Just remember that I am here.

    almost 4 years ago
  • Cassidy Jackson

    You're definitely not just a back up, in my opinion. I apologize for not being a better friend towards you. Just very occupied here lately. I apologize greatly, one again.

    almost 4 years ago