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September 20, 2020


today i finished reading a book about nature; nature, and people, and nature and people, and what nature does for people.

today i added that book to my 'Books Read 2020' list, and i realized that i have not posted one single piece on write the world since my list of 'Books Read 2019.'

i cut myself some slack, since it has been sort of chaotic, to make the most dramatic understatement i can think of.

but it did get me thinking about writing again.

on write the world, i post mostly poetry, and before my unplanned hiatus, i had taken a liking to prose poetry and was working on honing my skills to get ready to post more prose pieces here.

i post mostly poetry, but i am actually primarily a novel writer. it is interesting, because the books i write are not books that i, as a reader, typically read, but i love my novel work. it has been some time since i opened those Google Docs, so write the world is not alone in my neglect.

i also write a lot of peer reviews on this site. i used to write reviews all the time. i should do that again.

i once wrote a poem - i never posted it here, it wasn't much good - in which i depicted writer's block as occurring when inspiration gets stuck in a traffic jam. i haven't even thought about writing in a long time. i almost feel bad for inspiration. a whole summer stuck in traffic.



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  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    What a metaphor-- a traffic jam of life. I'm going to use that in conversation for sure, wow.

    5 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    i like the repetition, this really is a bright piece <3

    5 months ago