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trust me.

I know what you're thinking.

September 20, 2020


I know what you're thinking.
how could anyone know what this feels like?
nobody has ever gone through this kind of pain before.

and you're right.
everyone struggles differently.
but you and I,
we struggle similarly.
I knew how you're feeling.
like a sliding teardrop on icy skin.
like an empty room that's dark and blue and alone.
like a jumbled knot of red and black and anger and fear.
and let me tell you,
it hurts.
you already know that though.
but I can tell you something you don't know,
that someday, you won't notice,
but someday your cold lady of sorrows will be laid in the ground.
your lights will turn on and you'll see all the people around you.
your strings will be untangled.
And yes, somedays
you might close your eyes and feel alone in the dark again.
Somedays you might get worried about a tiny little tangle and think your knot is coming back.
But open your eyes.
Touch the string and it'll untangle itself.
It gets better.


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