15 years old and obsessed with Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes (both books and series), and Divergent.
Please suggest any, absolutely anyyy good book you've read, Ill try and get on board!


September 21, 2020


3 years
Momma, momma!! The whole city is taking a bath at the same time! What is it called?
"Oh honey, its called rain."
Mmm. Rain. Its so pwetty.

10 years
Mom! I'm going to go play with my friends in the rain! 
"Don't get a cold while you're out there!"

17 years
Oh! It's raining!! I'll go out and study in the park today.

30 years
"Mom! Look! The clouds are peeing, haha!!" 
Sweetie, its called rain. It's the most beautiful thing you'll see in nature.

40 years
Ah, rains. Let me get a hot, steaming cup of tea and sit down to read for a while in the balcony.

60 years
"Grandma! The whole city is taking a bath at once! This is so cool!"
Really? Oh, yeah! I never looked at it that way. You are one smart kid.


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  • journal.scribbles

    Aw, this piece is so sweet! You're a super talented writer to be able to show a person growing up in such few words. I love the way you've written this!

    5 months ago
  • beth r.

    so good!
    re: thanks!

    6 months ago
  • Coolgirl2020 (LOVE YA ALL)

    Oh, and in your message box, you ask for suggestions of books to read. Here is my list of the BEST BOOKS EVER!
    Hunger Games
    Harry Potter
    Any Rick Riordan series (except the Apollo one)
    Little Women
    Jane Eyre
    Keeper of the Lost Cities
    Land of Stories
    Any Brandon Mull series
    The Inheritance Cycle
    The Red Queen series
    And that's all for now! <3

    6 months ago
  • Coolgirl2020 (LOVE YA ALL)

    OH MY- THIS IS AMAZING! XD The last part made me BURST OUT LAUGHING! What a beautiful way of showing how a person changes through the years! <3

    6 months ago
  • Vmak

    This is good! Enjoyable to read.
    (I also absolutely LOVE Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, and Divergent haha)

    6 months ago