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I Sing A Song Of Sadness||Review for review

By: KBridget


Golden light pours in through my window, coaxing me to start my day
I draw the curtains shut and go back to bed
There is no point in waking up
Sleeping hurts less, anyway

The smell of food invites me to indulge
My stomach churns and pushes me out of the kitchen
Weathered hands shake from malnutrition 
I can't remember my last full meal

Reading, writing, dancing, singing
Things I used to love
No more motivation, no more energy
All I sing now are my songs of sadness


Peer Review

I wouldn't say delighted or surprised, but it definitely moved me. There's so much in this poem that I understand, and so much that I can't relate to at all. It's a great balance and really made me feel.

You talk about these scenarios, when you smell food but can't eat, and you see sunlight and shut your curtains. Why? What makes it so hard to start the day or swallow down food? Lack of motivation? Past experience? And how can you portray that in this poem?

Reviewer Comments

This is beautiful, honest, and heartbreaking. Well done.
Lmk if u need anything. My comment section is always open <3