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Lucky or not?

May 11, 2014



Tossing and turning in my sleep, flapping my arms like a bird. Soaring through the sky, shooting through the puffy clouds twisting the sheets on the bed.

" It's all a dream," I say to myself.

Why can't I fly?

My alarm rings with a cacophonous noise. I grumble, I groan. Another day of waking up at six in the morning to walk to school.

Why does school have to start so early?

I trudge sullenly down the road. The world seems ugly- rotting plants, sick trees, gray clouds. My clothes are wrinkled and old. I pass the colossal mansions, with gates gilded with gold, and look back at my own tiny house, with paint peeling off.

Why did my mom have to lose her job?

I enter the building, and settle down into class. I'm hungry- forgot to eat the most important meal of the day. Another girl sits down, devouring her cinnamon bun, dipping apples into caramel, sipping her hot chocolate. No dollar bills in my pocket either.

Why don't I have enough money to pay for my breakfast?

I stare down at my own shoes, and my neighbour’s. Mine are black and scuffed. On my right are a pair of leather boots. On my left- worn flip-flops. I look up at her tired face. It is smudged with dirt, and her skirt and shirt are second-hand. She's a new student, and she's not eating any breakfast either. The teacher introduces her.

"This is Esperanza, who is from a homeless community. She'll be here learning with us for the rest of the year."

Right then and there, I wished that the world was a fair place. Maybe I'm lucky after all.

To my fellow writers: Does this count as a "list"? I am not very good at making lists. Could you help me compress into a better form? Thanks.

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