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Fauna's Touch | Chapter 3: The Search for Phoebe

September 19, 2020


    Stephen looked at Laura. Her red hair flew around in the wind, like a flame. And her green eyes pierced Stephen's soul. The red hair and green eyes were a trademark of the Cox family. The first ruler of the land of Aldsan passed them on. Every descendent of him would have red hair and green eyes, no matter what. And it matched Laura perfectly. Soon Stephen's Laura. 
    Stephen and Laura would be wedded in only a week. Stephen was counting the days until then when he could be married to his beloved. Unlike most people think, Stephen loved Laura for being, well, Laura. Not for being a princess. That was the part he actually didn't like about Laura being a princess. He would have to be a king and talk in front of soManyPeople. Nonetheless, Stephen loved her too much to let a silly little title get in the way. The love he felt for her was like-
    "So I have to find her," Laura said, bringing Stephen out of his thoughts. 
    "Wait. What?" Stephen asked. 
    "I have to find Phoebe," Laura said. "Now that I know- now that- now that she seems more like a sister." 
    "But, uh, what about the wedding?" Stephen asked.
    "It's delayed until we find Phoebe," Laura said. 
    "What?" Stephen asked. "I can't wait any longer than a week. It's testing my patience. And you know that you're, well, uh..." 
    "The impatient one?" Laura asked. 
    "Uh, yes, no offense," Stephen said. 
    "But I need to find my sister," Laura said. 
    "Alright, well, the wedding is in one week," Stephen compromised. "What if you look for her until then, and if you don't find her, you come back to the castle for our joyous day." 
    Stephen knew he sounded so much like he wanted the title of king, but this was important. It was about love- the love between Stephen and Laura, and the sisterly love between Laura and Phoebe. 
    "Alright," Laura agreed. 
    Laura kissed him on the cheek. Stephen blushed, but remember something.
    "Oh, and, uh, one more thing," Stephen said. "I'm coming with you." 
    "What?" Laura asked. "No, it's not your fault. I have to go." 
    "I need to at least help you." Stephen's voice was more confident than he felt. "You can talk to Laura by yourself, but I need to tag along. Okay, my strawberry?" 
    "Okay, my lemon," Laura said. 
    Stephen went on the tips of his toes and kissed Laura's hair. She smiled at him.
    "Well," Laura said a little while later. "Time is of the essence. Let's go pack as fast as we can." 
    Stephen went to his house and told his parents what he was doing. They already knew of his proposal. They had been giving hints to Laura whenever she came over. Laura either ignored them or was oblivious to them. When Stephen explained, they gave him pats on the back and told him he was heroic. That made his heart beat faster. He was not the boldest, but he had always wanted to be a hero
    Once he had packed all his stuff, he made his way back to the castle and started preparing the horses in the stall. He chose a horse as white as the moon for them, symbolizing Laura. Laura came through the courtyard.
    "Ready?" Stephen asked. 
    "Yes," Laura said, taking Stephen's hand. 
    Stephen helped Laura up to the beautiful steed, then helped himself onto it. He was behind Laura, almost like she was sitting on his lap. Almost. Stephen kicked his horse in the ribs, and they were off. 
    For the next six days, they rode all over the kingdom, looking for a clue: a feather, a villager seeing an unusual bird, etcetera. But they couldn't find any. They rode to the place they hadn't looked yet: Saphire Mountain. 
    Saphire Mountain was the only mountain in the kingdom. It was known for its gorgeous sapphires, which were not hard to find. Villagers used to live up in the mountain, harvesting for sapphires. That was before they learned the health consequences of the cold up there. Now, it was barren, besides the abundance of animals. 
    "Do you think she is up here?" Stephen asked, gazing at the magesticness of the mountain looming above them. 
    "No." Laura shook her head. "Phoebe would shiver when a single breeze touched her skin." 
    "Where else could she be?" Stephen murmured to himself. 
    "I don't know!" Laura sobbed. 
    "Hey, hey," Stephen said. "We could, uh, look around the base!"
    And so they did. Stephen and Phoebe climbed up the mountain a bit, too, but not too far up. But they couldn't find Phoebe anywhere. 
    "I don't think she's here," Stephen murmured. 
    Laura collapsed onto her knees and sobbed, yelling unintelligible stuff. Stephen squatted near here, watching his strawberry treasure. He patted her back. 
    "Well, she wanted to leave," Stephen said. "Maybe she's happy where she is and doesn't want you to find her?" 
    "She doesn't want me to find her?" Laura cried.
    "She might not want you to get hurt because you know her secret," Stephen soothed. 
    "I think you're right," Laura said. 
    They got back onto the horse and galloped away to the castle, thoughts drifting away. Stephen's thoughts drifted to Laura, and when they would unite as one, which was tomorrow. 
This is my new series! Check my first two, and stay tuned for more!


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  • Emi

    Stephen and Laura are so sweet together! I hope Laura can find Phoebe though! Looking forward to the next part.

    6 months ago