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Hey, please be honest on what you think about this, Its my first time entering a competition. If it sucks tell me it sucks please.

My Silent Genocide

September 21, 2020

     “Gabor! Ya estás listo?” my mom yelled from the other side of the house. Gabor is my name, My mom just asked me if I was ready yet.  
      “Si, ya voy!” yes! I'm going! I quickly got my brother dressed and then we were on our way to church. 
       Our church is the big building right around the corner from my house, it's big enough to fit 100 people!! That was one of the biggest buildings I'd ever seen in my life! The village where I lived was pretty small compared to the other villages.  There were only at most like 70 people in my village, everybody knew everything about everyone. 
     “Did you hear that big brother?” asked my baby brother as we were walking to church. I nodded, ignoring him, trying to hear the adults talking.  
     “It's a quetzal big brother, those are a symbol of goodness and light.” 
     “I don't care, Sachi, shut it.”  
They were talking about the raids.  As far as I've heard they hit one of the smaller villages near us, killing everyone. But not just to that village but so many other villages in Guatemala.
 “They're only getting closer, I have a machete hidden at home just in case.  One can never be too careful” said one of the villagers. 
         “Do you think the bad guys will come here big brother? If they do, I will protect mom since she's the prettiest” Sachi said with a giggle.
         “No Sachi.  Dad and I will protect the family, we are the men of the house after all.”
As far as I heard they were targeting all the Ixil Mayan population, which included me and my family but whether or not they came, we were ready.  
    After we got home we got home we heard a loud knocking at the front door. I got up to see my dad talking to some men dressed in army clothes with what I think were really big guns. 
        “ MIjo, the men are asking us to step out and search the house for someone they're looking for.  Whatever you do, do not say or make any sudden movements, and do NOT leave your mom, sister, and brother.  Do you understand?”
“Yes papi, I understand.”
          One second we were walking out of the house and the next they were beating my dad and separating me and my brother from my mom and sister.  I yelled and pulled and kicked but these men were stronger than me.  They took my dad and put all the women and men in different groups.  No one was talking , everyone was scared to death. 
      “Attention everyone, if you try anything, say perhaps try to escape, talk back, or fight back, we will not hesitate to hurt you.  On the other hand, if YOU try to hurt the US, this will happen..”
    Its my dad.  He was a bloody mess.  They brought him up to where the soldiers were at.  One second he was there, on his knees and the next he was face down on the ground. I couldn't react.  I was in shock, I couldn't hear anything but I could see the pain and fear in everyone's eyes.  My dad meant a lot to the whole village and now he's gone. They shot him in the head. Right in front of me.  I couldn't cry. I wouldn't let myself, I'm the man of the house now.  My name is Gabor and I am God's Bravest Son.  I have one duty now and that is to protect my family.  
    Later they started taking women and younger girls one by one, In one case you could hear a girl screaming followed by a single gunshot, and then it was dead silent.  They tried coming for my older sister next but my mom convinced them to take her instead. I can only imagine what she was going through at the moment, just to keep us safe. When she came back she didn't say a word, just cried to herself. Later that night, when everybody was asleep my sister came crawling to me telling me that her and a group of women were planning on escaping and we would go with her. 
           “Hurry up Gabor! They're gonna see us!” my sister said running.
    My sister was ahead of me and I was trying to stay with my mom.  She had my brother on her back so she was falling behind.  The soldiers start shooting, I see people going down, not moving. Dead.  I was counting each shot I heard. 
        “One Two Three Four Fi- MOM.”  
         I saw her go down, blood everywhere, I couldn't even see where they shot her.  Then everything hit me , all at once. My mother wasn't breathing. My dad was dead.  We were running for our lives. I didn't know what to do or how to react.  The world was moving in slow motion.  Either I stay here and die with my mom or I take Sachi and run.  I heard the soldiers getting close and went with my instinct.  I kissed my mom, told her I loved her, then I swung
Sachi on my back and ran as fast as I could, not looking back whatsoever.  I never saw my mom again after that day. 
    After what felt like forever, we stopped running. Everyone out of breath. I put sachi down and see my sister running towards me. 
       “Where 's mom?! Gabor dónde está mamá!?” 
       “SHE'S DEAD” yelled Sachi.  
      I felt sorry for Sachi, he witnessed all of it. Both of our parents' deaths, no kid should experience that.  
    I looked up and laughed at the irony. 
         “Look Sachi, it's a quetzal. You remember what that means? A symbol of goodness and light.  We're all gonna be okay now Sachi.”
    After all this, I know one thing for sure. I will not stop telling this story. I will not let anyone forget this because this was mass murder. Because this was my silent genocide. 
Hey, please be honest about this writing lo. Thanks have a good day <3

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