I woke up one day with a fire in my heart, that wanted to burn my body into words, so here I am.


September 19, 2020

Often paralleled with a raging inferno, or, in some cases, with the pivot of a stormy sea, Regna is believed to be one of the most destructive of all sensations. It can be traced as the root of innumerable grievances, right from broken families to irreparable hearts, faced by any living being. Persons speaking from experience describe it as an uncontrollable trance capable making of them do the unimaginable. The unimaginable—which varyies in its severity, seems bound to result in hurt, caused either by words or actions—is in most cases, said to be avoidable. However, whether one is able to avoid it varies from subject to subject.
The writer perceives it to be similar to carbon monoxide, in the sense that Regna is said to permeate one’s senses, invisible to the naked eye, poisoning all reason and leaving behind a charred residue of one of its subspecies, popularly known as guilt. 
Regna is said to be the harbinger of another one of the most harmful of emotions, hate, which does not limit itself to destroying individuals or families, but is capable of, and is known to destroy complete nations just by corroding the peace they stand on and through wars fuelled by nothing but hatred. 
In some cases, Regna may prove harmful enough to need professional treatment. Many home remedies have also been developed to fight Regna, varying from meditation to sweet smelling candles. While regna has been manageable until now, increasing stress, frustration and a few other modern evils have made it more powerful than ever, but it is ultimately deemed as something that only the person experiencing can master. After all, it is an emotion, and scientific studies can only do so much. 


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  • barelybear

    Wow this really fitted with the prompt, and was really funny too! :)

    8 months ago