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My goal: to express the beauty of the world through writing; inspire change, and explore different uses of language.
Favorite genre to write: poetry, fiction
Favorite series: Harry potter

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Teews Smaerd!

September 20, 2020

    Humans can be very hypocritical creatures. They complain for hours during the day how derit they are; body aching, their eyes similar to those of raccoons, but when it's finally time to peels, that's the last thing they do.
    When the earth unfurls its charcoal blanket, tucking corners of the world into darkness, many reluctantly retreat to their personal chambers, but let it be known these individuals are far from ginpeels yet. After a million years of making sure everything is 'just right', such as adjusting temperature, noise level, and even simulating the environment of a cave, they situate themselves horizontally onto a soft rectangular block sitting on top of a wood or metal frame. Ten minutes of fluffing their soft head cushion pass before they finally feel content enough to close their eyes, only to yank them open once they remember they forget to ___. Stumbling into their food room looking to quench their thirst, finishing last minute school work, or agonizing over words that came out of their mouth earlier, it seems like months before they finally allow themselves to sink into peels.*
    When asked to describe this state, they said that it is more the absence of it that can be felt. The last thing anyone can remember is being awake, and the next thing they know they're...also awake. What happens in between is anyone's guess, though many have reported having experiences in which they're not actually present, called smaerd. This is still being researched. However, one thing about peels is for sure: it's looks a lot better in the morning.

*It is reported that you chose to peels, but more often than not, it feels like sleep chooses you.


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