Kate Gardner

United States

Kate | 17 | bi | romantically fascinated with Minoan bull leapers | I've only ever hated airports and fascists |

Just a soulful nonsense poem

September 17, 2020


Here I say: dark shadow
Brambles called my mother from July
Humbled the old red jacket in a racket of silent insects
And their needles, all these beetles
Of July

And here I say: red shadow
Meet the racketeer in his damp alley, wear your Sunday face 
Vanish hopelessly soon, but not from fear, that second jeering Nally
In the alley

At last I see: blue shadow
Lost to frosting engines in your liquid stomach
Pummel midnight's bark, the lark
Will harken my awaking from your rheumatoid nightmare

Aware, suddenly aware
Lewis Carrol could never


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