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Fauna's Touch | Chapter 2: Phoebe's Escape

September 17, 2020


    Phoebe was a very regretful person. So, she moved cautiously and carefully, even if that meant her sister would resent her. But sometimes things... slipped. When she got too angry, she couldn't control herself anymore. She couldn't control the birds. 
    Phoebe sighed. Her parents always insisted that her powers were a gift, but they seemed like a curse. She secretly loathed the goddess, Fauna. Fauna had done this to her. Fauna had cursed her. When she was only a babe, Fauna came and touched her finger to Phoebe's head; giving her the powers of fowl. 
    More like powers of foul. 
    Every year on the goddess's birthday, she would come into the kingdom and choose one infant to become her Animalia. Each baby would have the powers of a different animal. Fauna had given Phoebe the power of every single species of birds, unlike most of the time. But it made some sense to Phoebe. 
    Soon, Phoebe had reached the mountain. She commanded the birds to release her, and she dropped onto the snow. Phoebe shivered. She tried to get her feathers to appear, just like in her room. This time some feathers covered her, but not enough to warm her. 
    Phoebe tucked a lock of her red hair behind her ear and then started trudging up the mountain. When she got to the place where Amber's cave was out, she stopped. 
    "Amber!" Phoebe called. "It's Phoebe!" 
    A rock rolled away, and Phoebe could see the inside of Amber's cave. It was illuminated by a lantern in the middle of the room. Amber was by the rock, a grin on her furry face. 
    "Hello, Phoebe. It's not my birthday," Amber said. Her whiskers twitched. "Unless you got me presents. Then it's my birthday." 
    "I didn't come because of your birthday," Phoebe said. "I came because I-I couldn't control myself. I let it out." 
    "Was it your temper?" Amber asked. 
    "What temper?" Phoebe spit back. 
    "I'm just saying you have a quick temper, and I'm wondering if it's because of it."
    "I don't have a temper!" Phoebe yelled. 
    "You're in the middle of a temper right now." 
    Phoebe was about to yell something but stopped herself as she thought for a minute.
    Amber was right.
    Phoebe waited as she cooled down again. As she did so, she watched Amber's striped face. Unlike Phoebe, Amber seemed okay with being an Animalia. And her parents died because she was one. But still, she seemed okay with having extendable claws. She seemed okay with having whiskers. She seemed okay with being a tiger. 
    When Phoebe cooled down, she said, "Yes." 
    "What?" Amber asked. 
    "You asked if it was because of my temper." Phoebe sighed. "Yes." 
    "Well," Amber said as her yellow eyes gleamed. "Now, I can have a friend to keep me company on the cold winter nights. Come inside." 
    Phoebe gave her sister's castle one last look, wondering if this was the right choice. She shook off the question as she stepped inside the cave.
    And stepped inside to a better life.
This is chapter two of my new series! Stay tuned for more chapters!


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