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Words that rhyme with orange

September 17, 2020



Orange peel under fingernails
Sun kissed colour, soft details
A sour scent but sweet enough
Rubbing a thumb across the peel feels rough
Peel back epidermal cells, forensically
Why is this a flavour of jelly
S e g m e n t s fall apart
Juice drips from the autonomy of this orange heart

I don't like oranges :( blegh

In other news, if I hear another google classroom notification I might lose the plot :)


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  • Rohan’s Defender

    Re: aww, thanks! Yes, it’s so good!!!! :)

    about 1 month ago
  • Rohan’s Defender

    Wowza! This is such a creative one!

    about 1 month ago
  • Hanbanhandstand

    Genius descriptions! I love the way you wrote it. :D

    about 1 month ago
  • sci-Fi

    Re: Omg. You should DEFINITELY read Rick Riordan's books. They are pure gold.

    about 1 month ago
  • midnight.summerrose

    Re: Thank you so much :)

    about 1 month ago
  • midnight.summerrose

    This is amazing!! I love it!
    Can you comment what you think about my actual second draft please? :)

    about 1 month ago
  • Emi

    Ha ha, I don't like oranges either (or any other citrus fruit). However, this is a gorgeous description of the fruit.

    about 1 month ago
  • Anlee

    replying: aww thx for the comment :)
    people just keep building houses on top of agricultural land *sigh*
    it's so funny that we wrote opposite poems about oranges XD but i still love yours

    about 1 month ago
  • ChocolateKiwi

    This is an amazing piece!
    Replying: lol, thanks for you’re kind words!

    about 1 month ago
  • ek503

    ahhh beautiful!! i love love how the rhyme sort of subtly came to my attention as i read. and that endingg! gorgeous.

    about 1 month ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Oh so lovely! I really like oranges, but that doesn't change how cool this piece is.

    about 1 month ago
  • Ghoulgirl2020 (#Queenie's Halloween | I have been called Cool before if you know what I mean) ;)

    Replying: Aw, thanks for the kind comments and liking my pieces. <3 I really appreciate it. You're a superstar, too! Love ya! XD

    about 1 month ago
  • Paisley Blue

    ooh, i love this! <3 really wonderful poem!

    about 1 month ago
  • outoftheblue

    "Juice drips from the autonomy of this orange heart" jhsdgfkjhd GIRL this is stunning!! i adore the shift from the softer, more sensory tone in the beginning to the more scientific kind of tone at the end! lovely work as always :)
    (also yeah haha idk what it is abt exams that magically cure's my writer's block)

    about 1 month ago
  • ~wildflower~

    Replying: aww yay! I’m so happy that you liked the piece and it helped you. Oh no about the corona stuff! I really hope you’re ok, and your classmate as well. How are you going in Ireland with the virus? I had to do online school for five weeks, but it’s calmed down in my part of Australia and I’ve been back for a while now. I hated online school too. It’s so hard not being about to see actual people or ask teachers questions in person. I’m a major over-thinker, and I kept falling behind because I would spend too long on things and not have anyone around me to help me gauge where I should be up to. You would be in your final year/s of school right? That must make it especially hard for you too... Anyways, you’re not alone, online school sucks but hopefully it I’ll be over soon, and I’ll be thinking of you. After all, you can get through anything with a cup of tea and some avocado toast (the best food everrr), and I’m glad you’re feeling better. (Plus, you know what’s great about online school? You can eat whenever you want!)

    about 1 month ago
  • ~wildflower~

    Wait, you are autumn rain??? Oh my, I thought you’d left!! Wow - that nice new person was you all along! I’m really happy that you’re still here :)
    This is a lovely little poem! It is so whimsical and has a lovely flow. Also, I really appreciate the friendly reminder in your bio. I worry too much about how many pieces I have and how much I write, and I really needed to hear that.

    about 1 month ago