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September 17, 2020

My homeland, my native town, everything seems so familiar to me. But at the same moment, everything is completely different. Here I am, after so many years of staying overseas, I've come back home to check my native motherland. Even though, not everything has been changed, yet I cannot even find a path to the old orange-colored supermarket that I used to go to every single day, as a kid. As I walk by the Building of Culture, I can't believe that just six years ago, I was here, hanging out with my friends, not knowing where I will be just in a few years. 
While walking around, I noticed some people waving at me - 'hello', but I couldn't recognize those peoples' faces, as they were completely out of my memory now. Still wandering around my native town, back and forth, trying to reminisce some childhood moments, when I was riding a bike with my friends on a daily basis. I am so eager to finally come to native yard and see what's up in there. Alright, I am about to come in and gasp with the perplexity of how everything is so unusual. In spite of the fact that nothing is changed, except for the tree that was in its blossom and now it's completely naked and faded, all the flowers are still emanating this incredible aroma and color out of their heads. The old immovable barn has been standing in here for donkey's years, keeping different snags and jars and what not inside itself. My house, my native house, how long I've been dying to come to you. As if yesterday, I was still playing in my yard, not even thinking of the mature hard life. I can't but notice that my hood has been depleted of the people. They're all gone, apart from old man Vova, who's still living right next to us.
In a nutshell, this place is so different from the one I knew it before. Hopefully, in another few years, I will come back here with new feelings from the life.


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  • Starcatcher

    Really good description, man, keep up the good work

    8 months ago