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I haven't looked at this piece in a long time (probs why the prompt is so old) but polished it a bit bc I found it interesting. Tell me what ya think. Feedback is welcome.


December 26, 2020

SYSTEM*#^&$ LOG, WEEK *&^#$##, PL-&$^$#( 

This is Research Team Captain &#@B#&(*@ of system #&^#&*@ circa-@#$%^&*()(*&^T%R, reporting to Fleet Commander @)(*#*$#*&*(@(* with latest study.

We have found life forms composed of billions of tiny, complex biological machines clumped together through innate union that produce energy

from the simple use of hydrogen-oxygen compounds, photons, and various complex carbons in the landmass (what do those lifeforms call it... lios?)

Colorful heads or reproductive purposes to attract other lifeforms to help bear young- and yet no known confirmation of sentience.

Infested on every corner of the third planet from a star in the milky way, N-U-S. The planet MW/E-NUS3 is an enigma- its

lifeforms quite bizarre for a galaxy with only one survivable planet. 



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1 Comment
  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    It has a really cool sci fi and futuristic feel. I like how you've used the symbols. It makes it feel like they are on the radio and it keeps cutting out. It adds something to the atmosphere.

    4 months ago