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Fauna's Touch | Chapter 1: Phoebe's Secret

September 16, 2020


    Laura bounced up the stairs, her red hair flying everywhere. Her ring felt tight on her hands, but she liked it. The tightness reminded Laura of Stephen. She passed by her parent's room and-
    And stopped. 
    She looked into the dark room, the only light coming from the setting sun. The curtains blew softly, as if mourning for the beloved king and queen. Laura's heart drooped. Her parents had died over a month now, but the pain still seared through Laura's heart. 
    Laura shook her head. Her parents would've wanted her to be happy for this joyous occasion and share it with- who? She had no family left. Well, except her sister, but she was very cold. 
    Nonetheless, Laura went to her sister's room. She was her sister, after all. She would be happy for Laura. Laura would be happy for her, too; if it happened to her sister. 
    Laura burst into her sister's room, throwing open the door. There was a single candle on the windowsill, illuminating Laura's sister. Her back was turned to Laura, looking at the window. She slowly turned to look at her little sister, and then turned back. 
    "What's happened now?" Phoebe asked coldly. 
    "Stephen- he, he..." Laura swallowed, and then rushed on, saying, "He proposed to me!" 
    "And?" Phoebe asked darkly. 
    "I said yes!" Laura jumped up like a little kid. 
    Phoebe, however, did not seem to be as joyous as her sister. There were hardly any change in her. Phoebe's back was still turned, same posture. The only thing that seemed to change was that she was not gripping the windowsill tightly. 
    "Yay," Phoebe said dryly. "My sister has found a husband."
    Laura furrowed her eyebrows. Why couldn't her sister be happy for her? She had kind-of expected this, but it still hurt. Phoebe was her last surviving family member, and she treated Laura colder than ice. Phoebe treated everyone coldly. But to Laura- Laura was her sister! 
    "Why?" Laura asked, turning red with anger. "Why? Why must you treat me so roughly? Why do you treat everyone so roughly? Why are you so isolated and mean?" 
    Phoebe gasped and turned around. This was an emotion Laura hadn't seen since Phoebe was five years old. Laura had only seen Phoebe calm, angry, and sad. She hadn't seen her surprised. 
    "Quit it, Laura," Phoebe said. 
    Laura shook her head. She had gone too far to turn back now. 
    "No," Laura said. "You used to be nice and we were friends. You treated me like I was your sister. But now, you are loathsome person."
    "Stop it, Laura!" Phoebe's hands were balled into fists. 
    "I think I know why Mother and Father didn't allow you to be queen, even though you're older," Laura continued. "They knew you would be a heartless queen and-"
    "I told you to stop, Laura!" Phoebe yelled. 
    Suddenly, before Laura could continue, there were birds everywhere around her. They were pecking and clawing at her, attacking her. Laura fell down to the floor. She scrunched her eyes shut and covered her head.
    Laura heard Phoebe gasp and say, "Release!" 
    The birds flew to Phoebe, crowding her on the ground. Phoebe didn't seem to mind. Laura slowly got up and looked at her sister. 
    "I'm so sorry! You just got me so angry when you started talking about Mother and Father like that, making them against me," Phoebe apologized. "I'm so sorry." 
    "I'm also sorry," Laura said, eyeing her sister.
    Phoebe's eyes widened in surprise, and she gasped. Her breathing became more rapid. 
    "I have to go now," She said. "Please, forget everything that happened." 
    Phoebe lifted up her arms in a bird-like fashion. When nothing happened, she checked her arms and sighed. She opened the windowsill.
    "Wait," Laura said. "Where are you going?" 
    "Away," Phoebe answered.
    She jumped off the windowsill. Laura screamed and ran to the window. The birds rapidly flew after her and caught her. Laura breathed again. They flew Phoebe away, the birds clutching her clothes. 
    Laura walked to the door, but then melted down to the floor. She started sobbing. Her sister had finally looked like a person instead of a heartless monster. 
    And just as quickly she disappeared.
    This is my new series, Fauna's Touch. Stay tuned for more chapters!

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