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I am a new writer and hope to be a better one soon.
13 years old
8th grade
Florida cracker
your daughter of God girl.
And I like to know my History

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Thanks so much for your feedback any feedback is great. I hope you enjoyed reading this paper of mine.

Waking up to be a 15 years old girl.

September 17, 2020


One day you wake up and roll out of bed thinking it's a Friday. But then again you look at your phone and notice it's a Monday and you have to be at school. But that ain't bad until yore mom comes in running saying"Hey first day of school as a fifteen year old" wait what your 15 years old as you turn around and see your self in the mirror... FIVE HOURS later, not really but I did seem like it. Well, one reason why you're still looking in the mirror is that there is a mammoth bump in the middle of your forehead, then you feel something rigid oh no do you have braces. So then you open up your mouth and smile as you see that they are black braces. What the heck you're thinking why would I choose just plain old black. Then your mom says " get dressed and come down and eat your food before you go to school". So next you run to your own closet and want to see what type of style of clothes you have at fifteen. As you look you see some really fashionable line of clothes. oh wow, that's cute and you put it on. A sunflower T-shirt and white shorts you put on and see a beautiful necklace of a silver fox hanging on a rack as you reach out your hand and put it around your neck. You run down the stairs with your school backpack around your back and see your four other siblings and two parents thinking I thought I only had three other sisters and brother? As you eat your egg and cheese biscuit you go out the front door and hop on the bus. You look out the window and look at the beautiful sky thinking it's going to be a great first day of school as a fifteen-year-old. Then things start going through your mind like what type of teachers will I have for my classes and will I make new friends or at all friends or even will I have a new high school crush? Then the bus stops and picks up several people and one was a cute boy who was walking o around the bus and is trying to find a seat and asks you if he could sit next to you and you say why not it's open as you blush with excitement. But the thing is there were other seats he could have chosen but he wanted to sit next to the pretty girl which duh, is you instead. If things couldn't get better you wake up and your just 13 years old and share a room with your to other sisters and also your home-schooled you don't go to public school. And you don't have your own room or closet. Your thinking put me back in my dream why did I have to wake up. 

The end... 
This was a cool dream I had and it is just all made up. Hope you feel like your in it.
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