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Hi! I am 13 years old and I am a strong Christian. I love to write original stories and fanfictions. I have published two picture books already and am working on a third!
....I have a zillion fandoms....

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I love anoles and other lizards, so when I read about this prompt I knew what I'd write about! ("Elona" is "anole" backwards.)

The brown elona? --A new look at lizards

September 16, 2020

A creature crawls through the forest on silent legs. It is foraging.
Suddenly, a predator leaps up from behind it and grabs it in his jaws. He is an elona, a dinosaur. He is not extinct; in fact, he is prolific in the southern peninsula of the northwestern continent. He gulps down the scavenger and bobs his head in victory.
Later, he is sitting on a mountain--the highest point in his kingdom--when something pins his legs to the ground. He struggles, but it is no use. A giant has picked him up.
She will not eat him, but that fact does not give him much comfort as she puts him in a box and takes him to the other giants. They make noises at him, and one of the largest ones pulls out a silver, flattish device. It makes a flash, and for a moment the elona is dazzled. But soon after, the giant lets him free on his mountain. He looks up at her and waves his fan at her indignantly. After she leaves, he sees an old enemy climb up on the rocks. The enemy had been scared of the giant at first, but now he was in the mood for a fight.
The elona puffs out his body and makes a quiet "skiss, skiss" sound.The crest above his head raises up. From this saw-looking crest he gets his name--Stone-cutter.
The other elona is unfazed. He waves his fan and charges.
Stone-cutter runs at his enemy as well, and bites him on the leg. The elonas jab at each other for a minute, but Stone-cutter holds his ground. He drives the enemy back, for now. The other elona runs away. Stone-cutter does a few victory push-ups. His territory is safe.
This is about the brown anole, a lizard that has been introduced to Florida and has now spread to many U.S. states. It is native to the Caribbean. The "giant" that captures Stone-cutter is me, as I love to catch lizards. Stone-cutter himself is a real lizard, although he does not have a rock or "mountain" to proclaim his victories from.


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